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fruitgnome -> max capacity capacities cap caps & stackable components in (6/6/2015 11:59:34 AM)

I will edit this post from time to time if something is right. Hope that this thread will become sticky or will be linked in the "Distant Worlds Guide to Guides Mk II". Elsewhere I thought there is only written how you can upgrade your bases and ships at best. [;)]

Storage cap pro resource
- Bases: See

increased the maximum per-resource cargo space at spaceports and other bases from 30000 to 120000

- Spaceport: like other bases plus endless colony storage capacity
- Ships: 30000 per resource

Total storage cap
- Bases: See link above.
- Ships: 30000

- Mining extractors: Cap is always max 10. All mining values of all extractors on a ship or base are calculated together.
- Gas mining extractors: All together 40.

- Ships: 20K tourists; immigrants as much as the passenger ship allows.
- Bases:
In my game one passenger compartment is enough on every base. This might not work as inteded. My bases have i.e. 21600K passenger with only one compartment.
Or could it be that the text "Onboard" of a resort base means there want to be so many people and not so many people are really on their holydays at the station? This would be explain, why I have so less resort income by 21000K "Onboard" on some of my stations. I will test it in my new started game.

No cap if enough energy

Visual effects might be simplified.

Other components
- Trace scanner
No cap

- Scanner jammer
No cap

Trace scanner are stackable like scanner jammer. If trace scanner scan power is higher than jamming power you will see the desired informations.

- Tractor beams
No cap


Do all these things work as intended?!?
What other caps could be existent in this wonderful game?


I hope you all help me to clear these questions.


Also interesting modding caps. I would create another thread if I have enough information. What I want to know is the cap for the latest ultra long range scanner. I will know in very late game the whole universe [;)]

RiftHick -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/6/2015 9:15:42 PM)

Yes you can stack tractor beams and yes they work perfectly fine, when you fight multiple targets you'll even see the ship/ station prioritise focus (it's main target) while using some of other nearby enemies that get close enough.

Yes if you have dozens of one weapon you have dozens of that weapon in actuality, chances are you're seeing stacked animations for each of the same weapon when it fires so it appears only to be a single consistent salvo, however please consider power requirements just because you can fire some of them...doesn't mean that you can fire them all when the fire rate says you can/ could. Be sure that you have the energy storage and generation to keep up with the combined requirements of ship movement, shield regeneration and weapons fire. If you have less storage than the ship needs for weapons then you'll likely only fire some of your weapons and not them all resulting in consistent but smaller salvos. If you have good generation but lack energy storage then you'll have intermittent salvos but it'll be much more staggered than the other example.

As for your cargo and extractor questions, some of them are likely covered by Airpower and others in the thread "Resource Mining and you" (I'd link but can't due to forum rules).

Trace scanners work, they allow you to see a neutral/ enemy ships fuel status, on board troop count, and I think energy storage and if it as component damage I think also if it's a pirate freighter.

Scanner Jammer is a defence against Trace Scanners and only Trace Scanners they work on a simple numbers approach if the scanner is strength 10 and the jammer is also strength 10 then no scanning gets done.

fruitgnome -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/7/2015 5:38:39 PM)

Edit a lot of my first post.

Blabsawaw22 -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/8/2015 11:41:38 PM)

So which is better situation?

1 fuel cell
1 reactor
200 energy collectors
100 Titan Beams


5 fuel cells
10 reactors
1 energy cells
100 Titan Beams

Is it better to have energy collection to fire.. or do you need to have reactor power to fire..

or can you just have the base use fuel to fire??

I guess this goes for ships too..

kenright -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/8/2015 11:46:43 PM)

Energy collectors only work when something is stationary, and power generation is dependent on distance and star type.

So yes, reactors + weapons + fuel = firing weapons. Energy collectors do not seem to be useful except for shields sand static requirements.

kenright -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/8/2015 11:50:57 PM)

Oh, and it seems that energy collectors CAN charge the capacitor, and thus allow for weapons to fire, but they are space-inefficient.

Blabsawaw22 -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 12:20:24 AM)

I'm thinking more for bases.. Defenses and space ports bases,..

I want to know if it's better to put 20 reactors or just put 20 energy collectors..

HerpInYourDerp -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 12:56:08 AM)

Unless you're comparing the basic reactor to max research collectors, it's not going to be 20 vs 20. 4-6 reactors will roughly be around what 10 collectors output at equivalent tech levels.

Weapons and shields aren't powered by the reactor/collectors directly, but drain the capacitor instead (which is why you can't build without at least 1 reactor) and collectors don't come with that. If you want your base's primary weapons to all fire at the same time, then you'll need at least the same amount of energy capacity as the sum of energy-per-shot of all your weapons minus PDs as well as output itself.

Blabsawaw22 -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 1:12:02 AM)

Lately I've been making space ports with like 3 or 4 reactors and 40+ energy collectors or more cause I put ridiculous amounts of Titan beams and torpedoes and missiles which sometimes require like 1000 energy to fire weapons

So I'm wondering if I should have enough fuel and collectors or just put a ton of reactors

But yeah it looks like the weapons all fire but if they would fire faster with just more reactors then I should put the more reactors etc

RiftHick -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 7:04:08 AM)

Agreed with Herp.

You want enough energy collectors to meet the static energy demands, then you want to make sure your excess energy from reactors is enough to cover your weapons and shield recharge. If the station is above a colony then you don't need too many fuel cells since it can draw from the colony itself (assuming the colony as the fuel that is). It's cheaper and easier for you to cover your static usage with collectors and the rest with reactors, ship design philosophy regarding this is the same as well although with ships you have warp and sublight energy requirements to also consider.

inyasha23 -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 10:19:46 AM)

should you have a lot of excess energy from reactors or just enough to meet all the requirements for the ship or base.

kenright -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 12:19:23 PM)

You just need enough to cover the energy requirements.

Let's say you have a base with the following requirements:

Static: 60
Energy Drain from All Weapons Firing: 232
Shield Recharge: 10

Your Energy Collectors have a max potential of 32, and you're using a reactor which produces 80 power, and has a capacitor of 80.

You'd want 3 energy collectors (the extra is to account for distance and source based variations) and 3 reactors. You don't really need four reactors since you'll most likely get some excess from the energy collectors, and your weapons will likely be firing at different times.

HerpInYourDerp -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/9/2015 5:15:34 PM)

If you're really worried about running out of fuel, there's always the extreme option of adding a energy-to-fuel box + 1 cargo bay to your station design. It'll cost you at least 288 space though.

inyasha23 -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/10/2015 5:32:11 AM)

off topic sorry.

when building passenger ships and resort bases whats the best amount of passenger compartments to have for maximum efficiency.

what the best amount of people to transport.

kenright -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/10/2015 5:27:51 PM)

Resort passengers don't take up much space, but migrants tend to be numerous. Its up to you. There's generally about 1 to 2 passenger ships per planet, maybe a total passenger amount of 10 million early game and 50 million late game? Each compartment can carry a lot of migrants. It depends on what you want out of the ships.

HerpInYourDerp -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/10/2015 5:36:33 PM)

If you're priority is tourists, then 1/ship is more than enough because of the 20k limit. For migration priority, min-maxing the design for space is the ideal solution.

As for resort baes, unless your game lasts centuries and have really dense colony distributions per resort area, 10 basic compartments would probably comfortably last you an entire game.

Blabsawaw22 -> RE: max capacity capacities cap caps in (6/14/2015 4:18:56 PM)

here is my picture of my bases and energy stats..

postimg . org /image /c90opt9a3/

of course putt the h t t p and colon and slashes before postimg and remove the spaces

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