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Rosbjerg -> New Dawn (6/3/2015 7:05:39 AM)

-Mod deleted-

Overlord015 -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 2:10:11 PM)

OOohhhh~ [&o] about time someone did this kind of lore/theme (was planning to do so myself, with a different approach, but such is life), downloading as I type this. Looking forward to playing this. Btw, did you do anything to the techtree/components? If not, and if you plan to, with what kind of philosophy you plan on approaching the redesign/tweaks?

eosomeow -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 2:35:24 PM)

Wow looks really cool! I plan to test it out ASAP :D Downloading now.

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 2:37:24 PM)


Btw, did you do anything to the techtree/components? If not, and if you plan to, with what kind of philosophy you plan on approaching the redesign/tweaks?

Very little, I've done modifications to speed (slowed down) and toned down the different race techs for some balance issues, added 3 new late game wonders, Galactic Senate, Secret Police HQ and Imperial Palace. Each give 50% development, so nothing new there. Just some added spice.

As for philosophy, I want the differences between races to be subtle, but manifesting themselves mid to late game. Same with governments. I really disliked the "Way of X" governments, so they are out - way too overpowered. Here every bonus is paired with a disadvantage, like in real life. But some are better than others, as it should be.

And hope you both enjoy it :)

mordachai -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 3:00:45 PM)

I've been thinking of overhauling my government types as well. Overhauling the balance between races and governments, to try to tone it all down and make that all matter a lot less, and be more window dressing than core substance, to give a more equal, balanced playing field. I'll be curious to see how your mod (which sounds great!) plays out :)

Overlord015 -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 5:36:30 PM)

I've played a couple of hours, is it intentional that some races have 0% growth rate? If so, I'd reconsider, as its very, very punishing especially when there are other races with up 15% growth rates.

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 5:59:50 PM)

I've just run my second game through to the end and the Dravidi (the 15%s) never get that crazy. As I understand it's simply a bonus above normal, no?

For instance
'Reproduction rate: base rate of population growth. This rate is also modified by other external factors
ReproductionRate ;1.19

is a 19% bonus, but if reducing it to 1.0 means zero growth in general?.. In that case, yeah. That would be a huge problem

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 7:10:21 PM)

- mod deleted -

Overlord015 -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 7:32:36 PM)

I'm not an expert on the balance, I've only recently started messing around with this game myself. Hopefully a player more experienced with the inner workings of the game can come and chime in on this. The way I see it is that the issue here is not with the 15% races, heck in relation to vanilla balance, 15% is a pretty low rate actually. But the ones with 0%, while not going to the point of actual 0 growth, will have population growth in the decimals, and to even get a 1% (and from what I've seen 1% often equals a 1m pop growth, that is excruciatingly slow) growth rate you'd often have to drop taxes to 0. As the percentage you set often acts as the max "ceiling" of growth for said race. While it may solve the issue of players min-maxing themselves to full pop by the end of the age of shadows, it'll probably make it even harder than it already is for AI to crawl out of, and make it very hard to compete economically with 5%+ growth rate races, even for players (especially in higher difficulties).

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 9:10:11 PM)

Looking over it, I think you're right - I did notice some races were struggling excessively with the economy and this could certainly be the reason. I thought perhaps governments (and by that I mean happiness bonuses or the lack thereof) were to blame, but I think this might be the culprit.

Lyoncet -> RE: New Dawn (6/3/2015 9:30:48 PM)

This looks great! And I'm all for mods that incorporate Icemania's AI mod! (If only we could get the higher-ups to make it baseline! [:'(])

Capshades -> RE: New Dawn (6/4/2015 3:48:17 AM)

This looks like a great idea. Reminds me of a cancelled soase mod I was looking forward to:

Looking forward to trying yours

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (6/4/2015 6:56:52 AM)

I would love to get a hold of those ship models! *drool*

Of course I don't have the CCCP in the game, but still.

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/17/2016 7:07:28 PM)

Updated the mod. 2 races have been rewritten + several codex entries - and with several rebalances done to economics, colonization and growth. Every race is now pretty much on par with each other, but with personality differences and goals - added by adapting some of the ideas from The Extended Universe and Iceman's extended AI mod.

Future goals- write up a better backstory supported by the ingame codex, better balance as I play more. :)

Hope you enjoy - and download link is in the original post.

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: New Dawn (4/17/2016 7:35:35 PM)

this mod seem interesting, I will try it one of these days

Capshades -> RE: New Dawn (4/17/2016 9:45:11 PM)

Outstanding work

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/18/2016 1:34:39 PM)

Thanks, let me know if you enjoy it or have some ideas, feedback, tweaks etc.

phi6 -> RE: New Dawn (4/18/2016 1:37:50 PM)

This is awesome. Noticed you managed to merge AI, lower range and speed and extended universe mods together. I'm doing something similar myself, making sure components and research elements are merged correctly. Did you run into any problems yourself?

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/18/2016 3:05:14 PM)

The 3 mods are actually fairly compatible, so it was just trial and error (with a lot of error) - but mostly the biggest problem was just me figuring out how to do things, it's my first mod for this game - and while it's very accessible, juggling all the numbers and edits can get a little overwhelming.

What are you making?

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 5:43:21 PM)

Hi there,

I found Distant Worlds just a few weeks ago and I am so happy to again have something to scratch my Space Empires itch.

I am trying out your mod right now, I have no actual feedback on the experience right now, but as native german speaker I stumbled over "die grosse entweichen". It always gives me great pleasure to laugh about really bad translations, I mean who doesn't and I guess my english sounds the same sometimes.
But enough preamble. For the sake of quality assurance

die grosse Entweichen roughly translates back to the(as female pronoun) big leakage.

if you want to use correct german :

the great exodus - der grosse Untergang ( "der" is the male pronoun, "die" female, "das" neutral )
the big escape - die grosse Flucht
the last diasporra - die letzte Ausbreitung ( which does not translate well and really sounds lame in german :)

Personally I would suggest something differen. Germans are not big on exagerating adjectives when it comes to
great historical events. The event gets named and does not need an adjectiv because it is known how big, evil or something it was. Like the Holocaust. It does not have to be enlarged.

So just use

Der Untergang - The Demise
Die Flucht - The Escape

or if you want to use three words

Die letzte Hoffnung - The last Hope.

Well this got longer than I planned.
I hope it was at least a bit helpfull :)

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 5:59:31 PM)

As a Dane I really should be better at German - I did think of untergang and flucht as they are very similar to our words for it, but alas I was tempted by google translate and 'entweichen' (which I thought meant a kinda narrow/inbetween escape)... So, since the Arians in my story would not really call it a 'flucht' how would you say.. To narrowly avoid death? To move away from disaster or something similar?

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 6:41:31 PM)

Well Hi there northern Neighbour, I guess your german is still better than my non-existing danish :)
ANd to be honest I googled a lot to re-translate the words I thought of.
I read the descriptions of the races now and you are right fleeing may not be the right mindset for those guys.

I guess I was closer than I thought with the other words I thought about in my first post.

lets take

die neue Hoffnung - a new hope ( until george sues you :)

die große Völkerwanderung - mass migration of nations
die Auswanderung - the emmigration

but thats still passive.

Lets channel some of that old austrian blood. ( putting two fingers beneath the nose and stepping on an imaginary podium )

got it :

der lange Marsch - the long march

der neue Aufstieg - the new rise
or just der Aufstieg ( thats quite good .. like phoenix from the ashes the eagle of the reich rises again )

or a bit religious -
aaah learned something new through google

exodus is more of - der Auszug which is quite good but also something the jews did .. so maybe not :D
or pilgrimage, which would fit better for the other more religious races ..

Well I am in a thinking mood now, and to be hones I haven't found the perfect words yet.
I think the true arian word for the new beginning needs more power and steel behind it ..
i'll watch kung fury and iron sky again and inspiration will come.

--- EDIT ---

Just reread your post .. I did not answer your question :)

to avoid means ausweichen but you can't really make a good noun out of it.
everything else I can think of comes down to fleeing again.
But I thought of a good military term :)
Retreat - Rückzug.
We are not fleeing .. we are just retreating :)

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 6:56:21 PM)

die große Völkerwanderung - boom, we have a winner!
And for an added bonus, it also draws parallels to what's happening in modern Germany.

Thanks, it's always great when natives help you along, it adds 'Glaubwürdigkeit' :)

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 7:01:11 PM)

I got it, the word that says it all ..

die Himmelsfahrt

it can't get more arian than that.
Its totally preposterous ..its active, its stolen from a christian holiday, its comperas the race to jesus himself and a wonderful picture indeed.
It comes from Christi Himmelsfahrt - the ascension of christ to heavens."fahrt" means drive or journy and "himmel" heaven or sky .. so it can be translated as journey to the sky or heavens.

Thats the one I would use.
If the space-austrian with the funny beard would hold a speach .. thats the word he would use

Afterr the Himmelsfahrrt of ourr true rrace we arrise anew between the starrs.

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 7:06:11 PM)

My pleasure for helping.
Its always good for natives if their language is used correct.
To bad I only notice it when its german. :)

Nope .. Völkerwanderung is not it ..

its to inclusive, what everybody does. Modern Germans would use it for sure. Being overly inclusive and correct.
Arians would not. The concept of the masterrace is exclusive. We are, everybody is not.

But if you reduce it from nations to nation, that would also sound nice :)

die große Volkswanderung - the great journy of one nation

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 8:14:47 PM)

- mod deleted -

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 8:42:47 PM)

Yeah. I am in the game :)

It reads really good. I like it, and I think I like the mod.
I also like what you have done to the research tree. At least after the first read.
What I would find great is, if you could balance the racial special techs a bit more.
I don't get why some are really better than the endgame techs. And some just suck.
It is not your fault, I know .. but it would be nice to see a fix to that :)

Typos I found :

resource conflicts, a fatigue had seemingly -> no full stop here. The sentence continues.

The Arians believe in the firm rule under the iron first of the cultural and military elite -> iron fist

The Iwi people has a special -> have

On the verge of coming into their own as Earth was nearing its death, their region -> same as above

Although they lost countless souls on the journey through space, eventually they found a new home on a water world. -> no but, the adversity is already expressed through "although"

The Iwi have to be Vegetarian and very peaceful :)
I can't think that hunting would work very well on that planet and I guess they will get a fierce Cultural and Diplomatic Bonus when spreading their water around.

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/19/2016 8:47:13 PM)


I really, really, really Like the different Character Pictures. Did you do them by yourself or what is your source ?

-- edit --
found it myself :)

to translate a german proverb

being able to read is a clear advantage

Rosbjerg -> RE: New Dawn (4/21/2016 12:14:43 PM)

Final update and rewrite in a while - almost all race backgrounds have now been rewritten and many of the democratic races have gotten a bigger leader pool as they had a tendency to run out. Some more minor balances have been done to the economy.

I don't think I'm gonna tinker much more with the mod. There's an optional even slower hyperdrive speed added under the folder "backup". I personally play with that, but realize it's not everyone's cup of tea - therefore optional.

I apologize in advance for any glaringly obvious spelling errors etc :)


ORIGINAL: Emperor0Akim
I also like what you have done to the research tree. At least after the first read.
What I would find great is, if you could balance the racial special techs a bit more.
I don't get why some are really better than the endgame techs. And some just suck.
It is not your fault, I know .. but it would be nice to see a fix to that :)

It's close to vanilla Distant Worlds actually - but I agree some are much better than others, although that's reality as well, some nations simply get better ideas in different areas.

Emperor0Akim -> RE: New Dawn (4/21/2016 1:50:04 PM)

I know, that they are from vanilla, thats why I said it's not your fault :)

I am just complaining from the gameplay / powerplay / balanace side of the screen. I could ramble on for pages, and I nearly have, but I think you know what I mean.

Point is, I like your mod and was glad to help, even just a word :D

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