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laramieela -> Unified Login is a mess (5/24/2015 1:27:00 AM)

Just my take, but not a single one of my three accounts is unified. Whenever I try to login from each, I am logged out. That is, I had individual log ins on each forum pre-unification.
Obviously I am logged in now, but this is what happened.
I logged in in this account to use the newest beta patch for Brother against Brother and was kicked out, under this user id.
This issue has also impacted my server based games. Often the server will not recognize me or my password
Just reporting, not complaining.
As always, I have work arounds.

VPaulus -> RE: Unified Login is a mess (5/24/2015 1:55:20 PM)

From what I was able to quickly check, you have three accounts unified in the Unified Login System.
Please do contact us support[at]slitherine.co.uk, and we will work this issue with you and fix it whatever is wrong.
When contacting please mention this thread and ask for VPaulus (this way my colleague Joe will alert me).

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