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Bigeard -> Editable map overlay possible ? (5/4/2015 8:43:27 PM)

The easiest way I can describe this is what it would be in the real world, so here goes:

You have a paper map, and on that you have an acetate overlay, on which you can make and erase notes, draw arrows showing the intended axis of advance, circle objectives and write down the units that have to take them, and so on.

Is it possible we could have something like this for JTCS ? For example, each player in a PBEM game would have his own overlay ( obviously this would not form part of the .bte file ) and it would help remind him of what his strategy and tactical plans are from turn to turn. It would be of great help in the larger scenarios.

Any thoughts, gentlemen ?


berto -> RE: Editable map overlay possible ? (5/4/2015 9:04:20 PM)

There's nothing preventing you from Shift-PrScr/pasting screenshots into your stand-alone graphics editor and doing what you describe.

But integrating this functionality into the game itself? Not at all likely, sorry.

Bigeard -> RE: Editable map overlay possible ? (5/5/2015 8:22:08 AM)

Okay, thanks for the reply Berto. I've already used the print screen option, and its a bit unwieldy. I was hoping for something editable that could show up in-game on the map, with the press of a key in a similar fashion to objectives, place-names etc.

Some 'admin' tools to assist in big scenarios, such as this, and being able to keep the 'Find Org' window open while moving units, would be much appreciated. Is there any chance at all you could look into it ?

rvseydlitz -> RE: Editable map overlay possible ? (5/5/2015 10:14:59 PM)

I would second the "find org" staying open part for sure.

LoneWulf63 -> RE: Editable map overlay possible ? (5/29/2015 1:14:37 PM)

As Berto said, not likely. I make maps for the games but I use the Save Screen/graphic editor/Google Earth method. It is a bit cumbersome but I have made some rather complicated large maps using this process.

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