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Jobylens -> Fonts (5/1/2015 1:39:52 PM)

Hi guys im new to this game and just going through the tutorials, and it might just be my old eyes but I find the font quite hard to read,ive looked through the mods but cant find a font mod,so what I need to know is,is there a way to change the fonts? and if there is can you explain it in dummy terms for an old fart like me please.

Spidey -> RE: Fonts (5/1/2015 3:16:04 PM)

Yeah, you're not the first one to have some trouble actually reading all the text in the game. And it's even gotten quite a lot better than it used to be, but it's still hard for some people on monitors with high pixel density.

Personally I use this application.

Takes my resolution down to 1600 by 900 where I can actually read the game, runs the game, and when I exit it restores my 1920 by 1080 desktop resolution. DW problem solved.

Jobylens -> RE: Fonts (5/1/2015 4:57:28 PM)

Thanks spidey that works great![&o] right, here I go then.....[:)]

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