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decourcy2 -> tips for Allied air (4/29/2015 5:07:45 PM)

Most of you already do this, but for newer players the first thing to do on the first turn of a campaign is to set every Mosquito night fighter squadron to only accept trained pilots. We have all watched our mossies die in droves, this will help.

zakblood -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/2/2015 8:12:10 PM)

well seems i need a few more reads from users as my first attack didn't go as planned either


Harrybanana -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/2/2015 11:18:51 PM)


Not sure which of these attacks you are referring to when you say it "didn't go as planned either". If you are referring to the fact that Strategic Air force only executed one of it's Bomb City Air Directives, the reason is probably because each air group can only fly 1 AD per day. So if you assigned all of your air groups in Strategic to fly the 1st Bomb City Air Directive, then there were none left to fly the 2nd Bomb City Mission.

zakblood -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/3/2015 3:54:25 AM)

no i meant the losses for me against what kills i made, seems i did get a good exchange etc and suffered a lot more damage to my planes etc

Helpless -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/3/2015 5:30:23 AM)

This screen alone doesn't show full picture on the efficiency. First of all not all Axis losses are listed here, just those which were registered during Allied AD execution. In game you can have better idea on air losses efficiency by comparing number of sorties per one loss (metrics screen). Usually it is more higher for the Allies, although LW in 1943 still can be quite dangerous.

Btw, many of these damaged planes could get repaired during air maintenance sub-phases of air execution.

zakblood -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/3/2015 6:56:55 AM)

thanks, still learning and enjoying it while i do, so may be a while to catch up the rest as testing more than playing now days

decourcy2 -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/3/2015 3:38:06 PM)

And honestly, if you play a campaign the Allies can afford to lose 500~ planes a week. If you hit the high value, high flak targets you can lose 200 ac a week from flak.

zakblood -> RE: tips for Allied air (7/4/2015 6:19:16 AM)

my 2nd, 3rd and 4th play are all better after watching the video's posted, seem to be getting the hang of the first tutorial now ty all, it's slow going as i'm only playing it a hour or so a day as still test more tbh than play still, even with a new game [:D][;)]


while damage is still high, losses are lower, so seem to be getting better anyway and causing more, just tweaking the first move to see which is better and saving the results to be methodical in my approach and see how the game works etc[;)]

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