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Empire101 -> Looking for Steadfast Allied Player (4/29/2015 12:27:32 PM)

Looking for a decent Allied player prepared to go the course from Pearl Harbour to the end.

The last two opponents I have had, have badly let me down when the going is against them.
I like to have a 1-2 day turn around for turns at most.

Realism Options

1. Fog of War / ON
2. Advanced Weather / ON
3. Allied Damage Control / ON
4. Player Defined Upgrades / ON
5. Historical First Turn / ON
6. Dec 7th Surprise / ON
7. Reliable US Torpedoes / OFF
8. Realistic R&D / ON
9. No Unit Withdrawals / OFF

Reinforcements: FIXED

Turn Cycle: 1

Auto Subs: OFF

No using 1 ship TF's when you are invading to deliberately confuse Air OPs.

Apart from those stipulations, anything goes.

I like friendly easy going games/opponents, as I am the same.[:)]

So, anyone who fancies a bar room knife fight, drop me a line. [;)]

joliverlay -> RE: Looking for Steadfast Allied Player (4/29/2015 9:11:28 PM)

I have not played pbm for 5 years, but would like to give it a go. Currently playing the Iron man Nasty/Nasty version solitare, and would like to give PMB a try again.

joliverlay -> RE: Looking for Steadfast Allied Player (5/4/2015 12:06:58 AM)

No response yet from Empire101. Am interested in a game as allied player. Campaign game desired.

coreyjones -> RE: Looking for Steadfast Allied Player (5/6/2015 8:42:14 PM)

I would be very interested in playing you empire.. I promise to make the game fun

Empire101 -> RE: Looking for Steadfast Allied Player [ CLOSED ] (5/12/2015 8:19:37 AM)

Thanks for the interest guys.

I have found a very brave player who is willing to carry on my old game so this thread is now closed.

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