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RobotCriminal -> Best speed for ship damage control? (4/28/2015 3:19:27 PM)

So I did a search but couldn't find this anywhere.

How much does the game model ship speed vs DC and fire/flooding? I assume that either creep or stop would be the best course of action for flooding, but I don't really know what to do in a case of fire but no flooding.

I had kinda thought that keeping some wind over the deck would keep it from stagnating but I might be making things worse here, so any insight would be appreciated.

Dimitris -> RE: Best speed for ship damage control? (4/28/2015 3:25:32 PM)

It has no effect ATM. Crew proficiency is the overriding factor on controlling fire & flooding, sea state affects flooding to a limited extend (think Stark vs Coventry) and there is also a certain amount of luck involved.

RobotCriminal -> RE: Best speed for ship damage control? (4/28/2015 3:54:53 PM)

Gotcha, thanks for the quick reply.

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