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MrDave -> Transports or Amphibius (4/20/2015 9:15:16 PM)

I'd like to know if an Amphibious landing force is more effective than using transports when trying to land forces on an occupied location.
My transports have landed a small portion on my force and then decided to leave even "remain on station" enabled.

bush -> RE: Transports or Amphibius (4/20/2015 9:24:05 PM)

Amph all the way.

dr.hal -> RE: Transports or Amphibius (4/20/2015 10:09:12 PM)

Dave you never use "transports" to land on occupied territory, that's asking to get whacked! Only use Amphibious TFs.

MrDave -> RE: Transports or Amphibius (4/20/2015 11:16:12 PM)

Thank you gents. That explains why I'm getting whacked! :>)

BattleMoose -> RE: Transports or Amphibius (4/21/2015 1:47:53 AM)

Didn't even know you could use transport fleet for this purpose!

Chris21wen -> RE: Transports or Amphibius (4/21/2015 5:49:42 AM)


ORIGINAL: BattleMoose

Didn't even know you could use transport fleet for this purpose!

They will but won't land heavy stuff, but if it's a dot base they won't work.

HansBolter -> RE: Transports or Amphibius (4/21/2015 11:24:40 AM)

Deciding to leave even with a remain on station setting is most likely attributable to your threat tolerance settings.

If you didn't set them to ignore any and all threats then your remain on station order was a weak one.

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