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anarchysince88 -> Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/17/2015 12:04:20 AM)

Hey guys, I'm starting an eve online mod. Loved eve back in the day, would love to play with those characters, races and ships. Now I've mapped out what races/bloodlines I want to use, and I've made 240 characters, and about half the ships eve has to offer. Was wondering if anyone wanted to group up and work on this together?

I also remember someone made an eve online component mod for distant worlds, don;t remember and couldnt find it.

VorteeX -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/17/2015 1:09:59 AM)

EvE component mod:
Previous Eve Mod try: dead in water actually.

It's good to see any EvE mod to be completed, good luck.

Sirian -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/17/2015 9:24:59 AM)

I made the Eve Component Mod. It should still be downloadable from the link in my sig. (Will check. Edit: yes its still there)
You may include it or parts if you like. A mention in the fine print would be nice.
Also looking forward to a completed Eve Online Mod.

Regards, Sirian

anarchysince88 -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/17/2015 6:47:18 PM)

Thanks Sirian! That will save me a lot of work. Now I don't want to bite off more than i can chew to begin with. So atm, the plan is to have 4 factions per race.

Amarr: Khanid, Ni-Kunni, True Amarr, and Blood Raiders
Caldari: Achura, Civier, Deteis, and Guristas
Gallente: Jin-Mei, Mannar, Ethnic Gallente, and Serpentis
Minmatar: Brutor, Sebiestor, Vherokior, and Angel Cartel

Now the reason I want to make the pirate factions from eve an empire, is because I want to play them as an empire myself, and I want to make the Capsuleers as the Pirates of Distant Worlds. I was planning on getting a list of the corps and alliances in eve and putting them in as the pirates in the mod. Now nothing is set in stone atm, and I'll add more factions later, but atm this is my plan.

Any feedback or other ideas would be appreciated.

anarchysince88 -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/19/2015 4:25:41 AM)

Hey guys, I need some opinions, should the stations be top down?

Did a test image, took me like 5 minutes so it isnt a final version (just lassoed them out, didnt spend time on them yet). Should the stations and spaceports be top down, profile, or at an angle. Thats the same Amarr station in that picture just different angles.

There are a ton of ships in eve, a lot more than in distant worlds, at least per race, now I made sure to have the same camouflage for each race, so even if two ships are the same the coloration will be different.

Now like I said I just threw these together in photoshop real quick, these are not ingame (same as before I just lassoed them out quickly). But it will give you the idea, so all 4 caldari races will have the raven in different faction colors (I matched them up as best I could, so Guristas have the Guristas paint, Deteis are basic Caldari colors, Vivier have Navy Colors, and Achura have Kaalakiota colors)

Let me know what you guys think I should do.

VorteeX -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/19/2015 7:45:33 AM)

Caldari stations +2
Included extended graphics (materials icons and UI) -1 for me :)

so +1 [:D]

stahlengel -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/19/2015 8:03:15 AM)

The grafix look great... looking forward to see the shipsets in game. Can not decide what angle is the best. In this game I am used to top down, so my brain is expecting that... but the other two angles look better.

Sirian -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (4/21/2015 5:44:39 AM)

I faced a similar decision like you when deciding the angle for space stations. In static images, 45 looks best, but I don't know how it looks when ships try to dock there. You might want to try that out before committing yourself.

Regards, Sirian

anarchysince88 -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (5/3/2015 3:25:52 AM)

Hey guys,
Been working on this when I find the time. Started with Amarr.
Finished the ships for 3/4 of the Amarr bloodlines. And all the character pictures for Amarr.
Now I've started on the race and character files, just need to finish them up a bit and test them.

I am posting what I have finished so far, and I will keep adding more as I finish more. Feel free to test the ship models while I get the race files done.

Only thing I still don't know how to tackle are the base ship templates for each race... should I just use the base game ones and just change what race to use them for?

Also I didn't add any running lights to the ships or stations, not sure if I should.

salemonz -> RE: Starting an EvE Online Mod. (5/22/2015 5:12:17 PM)

Nice work!

I'm also starting to create Eve-inspired assets--not for a mod, but more as a graphical upgrade.

Trying to find new engine thrust, shield and weapons fire stuff too. That sort of thing.

I'll post here too as I get things done--see if they're useful to your efforts. Almost through with a set of Caldari race ships.

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