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Siddham -> Q about switching themes (4/8/2015 7:11:23 PM)

I understood we can switch between themes...
But I have the Das Chrome mod and I switced to it
and then a little later decided to switch back to default....
and the game told me I would have to reinstall DWU to play with the default theme?

So, do I understand that to switch themes I have to redownload and reinstall the game?

Bingeling -> RE: Q about switching themes (4/8/2015 8:10:41 PM)

That sounds strange. Did you install the Das Chrome mod in a creative way? Like some other way than placing it in the customization folder?

Siddham -> RE: Q about switching themes (4/8/2015 9:37:08 PM)

No I just placed the mod in the customization folder
didnt do anything at all to it
and used the change theme option on the main menu
as I said when I tried to change back to default
a pop up window said some files could no be changed
and I had to reinstall the game
which for me means redownloading from steam
a major pain in the ass with my bandwith

mordachai -> RE: Q about switching themes (4/8/2015 11:15:36 PM)

Did you install Steam into a non-protected folder?

If you install Steam to - say - C:\Games\Steam (or C:\Steam), then problems like this are unlikely.

If you install to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam, then file permissions can become a nightmare.

If you can, uninstall steam and reinstall it someplace unprotected, and then your games are all that much more likely to work w/o issue. (Yes, major pain if you're low on bandwidth. Your other option might be to do a verify within steam to see if your package has a corrupted file - a mod has nothing whatsoever to do with your error, unless you overwrote standard files with it - which you say you did not do).

Siddham -> RE: Q about switching themes (4/9/2015 10:08:40 PM)

Hi mordachai

My install is in the default location and file permissions are not an issue
I ran a verify local files and sure enough there were 13 that had to be replaced
No idea why or how that might have come about....
But I think that has sorted me for now
Thank you

(ps I also used the Extended mod with Das included once...could that be it?)

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