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cory22 -> picking your own formup airfield (3/27/2015 11:39:17 AM)

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to choose the form up airfield instead of the computer picking the closest airfield ?
In BOB I have HE111"s stationed in Holland and want to bomb targets north of London however when I pick a target the computer will
choose a formup airfield near Calais which means a long flight to Calais to formup. can I change this in the mission planning phase ?.



warshipbuilder -> RE: picking your own formup airfield (3/27/2015 12:28:42 PM)

On your planning screen click on the inbound one button, then click close to the form up field you want. Then do it again to adjust your inbound one waypoint to something that you want if not satisfied with its location.

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