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batteran -> fixed/suppressed status for units under fire (3/24/2015 1:30:12 AM)


I read some "screen order" threads theses times.

I previously understand "screen order" as "flexible defensive position" like "shoot and go away if they came close" opposed to "hold a position", but in fact it seem that "preferred standoff range" is just a factor between some else, not a major factor for the screen order.

I understand that it was difficult for the period to disengage when under fire, and be shoot in the back a real problem for these sort of move ^^

So, maybe we need a "fixed/suppressed by fire" status that "pop" on the unit description for help the player to know "ah! This unit is under fire and will have some trouble disengaging/moving!".

Just for letting the player to understand what happenning and why this unit will not move out of trouble right now!

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