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Uncle Lumpy -> Two questions on abondoned ships (3/15/2015 10:31:37 PM)

First, an explorer ship found a whole fleet of damaged and abandoned ships. I sent a cruiser to their location to guard and potentially board/capture them. The cruiser will only attack the ships (presumably to reduce any remaining shields) and not board them. I also manually sent a construction ship to repair them. The construction ship will park itself right on top of a damaged ship and then do nothing. There is no option in the control accessed menu either to repair them. I'm sure I'm missing some point regarding this.
Second, have located an abandoned cruiser, apparently between two separate gas fields. When I attempt to move any ship to its location both the "click" command option and the Control access option will only allow me to "go to" either of the of the gas clouds, not the abandoned ship. Once in either of the clouds I can't get to the ship right next to the cloud!?! Again, I'm sure I'm missing some subtle point. Any suggestions?

Tycow -> RE: Two questions on abondoned ships (3/15/2015 11:06:27 PM)

Hi Uncle Lumpy,

With your first scenario, you need to force your construction ship to repair the ships. With a construction ship selected, the default right click command should be repair (I think a little hammer icon appears when mousing over the ship... I may be wrong, been a while). Repairing a ship takes a LOOOOONG time, so what I do is look at the best type ship with the lowest number of damaged components (i.e. that'll repair the quickest). Then it's just a matter of time, then you can repeat on the next least damaged ship. Once repaired, you'll get a popup asking if you want to claim the ship IIRC.

With your second... something is amiss there. You should be able to just take command of an abandoned ship (assuming it is abandoned... and not a nasty surprise waiting for you).

Hope this helps!


Uncle Lumpy -> RE: Two questions on abondoned ships (3/16/2015 1:26:20 AM)

Hi Tycow,
Thank you for your response. The problem is when I right click, repair is not listed as an option! I know I've repaired other damaged/abandoned ships in other past games. I am also attempting first to repair a cruiser with 5 damaged components.
I did figure out how to correct the second situation, too. Zoomed way out and then sent a ship to the center of the pulsing/expanding circle. Once there I was able to send my ship directly to the abandoned one and capture it.

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