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AlexGGGG -> Setting up SAMs (3/10/2015 3:57:17 PM)

I was playing a scenario yesterday, where I was forced to go in with dumb bombs (very short range) against a harbor protected by a Sovremenny-class ship. And I had no HARMs available. So I figured out I will do poor man's SEAD by setting a flight of my aircraft just over the SAM engagement range. By constantly moving aircraft inside and outside the range, I had the ship expend all the SAMs on me very quick without scoring a single hit. Then it was a clean entry for dumb bombs.

I used this technique in the past successfully many times, against various SAMs by any agile fast aircraft (fighters work perfect).

That was until I found that you can change SAM firing range in the recent Command update.

I figured it makes sense to limit SAM range to 1/2 or 1/3 its maximum range against aircraft only; this makes SAM only attack aircraft while they are in the no-escape zone. Doing this greatly increases AI SAM effectiveness against player aircraft with dumb bombs. Guided missiles are still engaged at max range, so that missile defense aspect is not compromised.

I have built an example scenario of two sets of fighter aircraft bleeding SAMs off identical ships, one ship configured as default, one with reduced SAM engagement range. The scenario is fully automatic for both attack and defense sides, just launch and watch.

Lpmikeboy -> RE: Setting up SAMs (4/4/2015 12:02:10 PM)

Nice observation, its actually humorous to watch the F-14s fly in and out of the SAM's range.

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