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Osito -> Game over? (2/18/2015 7:52:58 PM)

5 years into the game, just got hyperdrive and explored the nearby systems and I've run out of caslon. Thing is, I don't have any known sources of caslon. Just wondering whether anyone has been here before and powered through it? Don't think I've got the stamina for it.


Bingeling -> RE: Game over? (2/18/2015 8:39:18 PM)

There should always be a caslon source in your home system? Have you destroyed the game by modding, by chance? :)

Osito -> RE: Game over? (2/18/2015 9:47:49 PM)

I was playing a mod, but it doesn't have any direct effect on caslon. Admittedly, that doesn't rule out the possibility that there was an indirect effect, but there's no obvious reason for that. The other thing is that I've started dozens of games with this mod, and it hasn't happened before. I just assumed it was very unlucky.


Shark7 -> RE: Game over? (2/18/2015 11:38:44 PM)

That is odd. Honestly I'd say just start a new game, but it would be nice to know if the mod had any effect on this.

Just out of curiosity, which mod are you using? I can take a look and see if there is an issue in the resources.txt file.

Cauldyth -> RE: Game over? (2/19/2015 4:30:14 AM)

Could try offering a smuggling mission to get pirates to bring you caslon until you find a source.

Bingeling -> RE: Game over? (2/19/2015 5:19:58 AM)

With a pre-warp start here should be a few guaranteed resources in the home system. Helium was added to the list at universe-release or a bit after.

I am not sure if the same is true for a classic start, but I would guess so. Before pre-warp there was no guarantee of that for sure, the start system could be quite barren. But I think there would always be a starting caslon mine in a neighbor system.

Osito -> RE: Game over? (2/19/2015 11:16:35 AM)

Ok, so I am officially an idiot (previously, it was unofficial): earlier in the development of this mod I changed the resources file to make caslon not an important starting resource, then I forgot to change it back. Problem solved.


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