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Osito -> Cannot Merge Maps (2/16/2015 10:13:03 PM)

Anyone got any idea what this error message is about? I'm playing a mod with extra techs, components and resources, and I'm wondering whether there's something in the mod which could cause this problem.

Distant Worlds - Crash Dump -

23:07:03 16 February 2015

System.ApplicationException: Cannot merge maps: they are different sizes
at DistantWorlds.Types.GalaxyResourceMap.MergeMap(Byte[] map)
at DistantWorlds.Types.Galaxy.MergeGalaxyMap(Empire giver, Empire receiver)
at DistantWorlds.Types.Empire.MergeGalaxyMapsForSharedVisibilityEmpires()
at DistantWorlds.Types.Empire.DoTasks()
at DistantWorlds.Main.nRmYgTCpQ6TiHGKATtA(Object )
at DistantWorlds.Main.YLLLASa55q(Object )

Application info follows:

Cannot merge maps: they are different sizes

--- COMPLETE ---

Bingeling -> RE: Cannot Merge Maps (2/17/2015 5:22:05 AM)

You are not trying to merge maps, I assume?

Is it repeating? If it is you could consider to upload a save game and a short description on what to do to make i crash. You'll also have to upload the mod alongside it.

Osito -> RE: Cannot Merge Maps (2/17/2015 10:40:23 AM)

Hehe, I'm not sure I'd even know how to merge maps!

Is anyone looking at uploads at the moment? Haven't seen much feedback from Matrix for a few weeks now.

Haven't managed to get it to repeat, so perhaps it's a one off ...


Bingeling -> RE: Cannot Merge Maps (2/17/2015 4:29:20 PM)

I would think so, if it is a repeatable crash. It may also depend a bit on where it crashes, I guess.

As far as I have noticed, there has been crash fixes in every patch. If not repeatable, I believe Elliot can make a fix from the log (like the one you gave).

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