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el cid again -> Asama Maru and her sisters (2/12/2015 4:03:38 AM)

Reference ship slots number 2786 & 2787
class slot number 2027 (identical in stock and RHS - which is the standard case)

The name of the sister should be Tatuta Maru vice Tatsuta Maru

Both ships start at the wrong location: Asama Maru was at Saipan when the war began and Tatuta Maru more or less at Yokohama. [She engaged in a deception
cruise, leaving port just before the war began and returning to it just after it began -
a voyage to nowhere as it were.]

The class data is substantially flawed. The Asama Maru loaded 2800 troops and 2800 tons of cargo the day the war began - an indication of her actual capacity for both.
Stock has 5010 troops and 1700 tons of cargo - quite difficult troop loading for a ship
rated at 9580 tons also by stock. RHS preserved these values by inheritance, but they remain incorrect. The ship was 16,975 GRT - and an ocean liner's full load displacement should be about 12% greater than that, or about 19,000 tons (19012 if it is exactly 12% more).

Speed is correct - at 21 knots - and cruising probably should be 18 knots (it is given as 17.5 in one sources).

There is another vessel kind of sort of in the class - Chichibu Maru is a half sister.
This is more or less class slot 2043 in stock - although there she is shown as Kamakura Maru - which in fact is correct as it turns out the ship was renamed in 1939. This vessel was selected for conversion to a carrier - which implies so could the sisters.
From this sister we get the data the 17,626 ton variant had a displacement (used for naval purposes) of 16,800 tons - and a fuel capacity of 3190 tons (making
Asama Maru probably around 3100 tons).

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