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LiquidSky -> Multi-Role Units (2/5/2015 9:17:21 PM) the beginning, I thought they were rather cool, and would embed them in my front line divisions as support units.

Now, I find it is better to not have them as support, but rather, as a unit behind the battle. Put on reserve. As a brigade, they have a fairly good chance of joining the battle anyways.

And you can always fill the division with other support units. Like Engineers.

You can give them good mobility by scooping them up with an HQ, then sending them off to another front via change HQ command. Bring a bunch to shore in an HQ then dump them all out as units.

loki100 -> RE: Multi-Role Units (2/5/2015 10:08:01 PM)

the counter-argument is that esp with the Western Allies you have a lot of support unit slots. The 3 in the division, plus the relatively high (compared to WiTE) likely commitment from Corps HQ. So I think its a little more situational.

Some times you want the unit on map to hold ground, dig in etc. As to the likelihood of reserve activation, if you really have a corps stacked with SUs then I'd agree that on-map is the place as reserve activations that way don't count against SU commitment.

In a more normal situation? I'm not sure as the relative likelihood of commitment as a SU vs reserve reaction, could be interesting to try and test out.

Baelfiin -> RE: Multi-Role Units (2/5/2015 11:10:58 PM)

They are very good at filling a lot of different roles, reserves, gap fillers, if you get a break out they can be pretty useful.
They add punch to divisions if you are short on stacking room, like right after an invasion.

HMSWarspite -> RE: Multi-Role Units (2/15/2015 7:55:21 AM)

Why wouldn't you do both (as WA)? Two armoured brigades per corps pretty much does it for me! At least for my spearheads...

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