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Nyku -> Sound problem (1/19/2015 8:09:59 AM)

Hello everyone,

just wanted to ask If it's only my game installation / my pc or a common problem with DW:U.

When playing the game and talking via TS3 or watching youtube on the side, I found out, that the ingame options volume sliders do not have an effect on any of the UI sounds (the "beeps" when opening/closing windows et cetera). Seems to work for the music, though.

If it happens to be an issue with game in general, I can (and have to) live with that and I already got my workaround for it (although adjusting windows volume mixer slider every time I start the game is kind of annoying, but not killing the fun), but if there is another solution (or my game install being broken or something), I'd be happy for a hint :)

Thanks in advance,

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