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jcjordan -> moving air units forward (1/13/2015 11:28:44 PM)

In either Op Husky scen or even campaign scen starting w/ Husky - how soon do you start moving air units forward to bases on Sicily?

marion61 -> RE: moving air units forward (1/13/2015 11:52:15 PM)

As soon as you see your temp ports getting supplies. If if all of them can't fly they will still try to intercept if they can. Planes at a temp port project a small amount of naval interdiction in the hexes around them, just by being there.

smokindave34 -> RE: moving air units forward (1/14/2015 12:44:47 AM)

As soon as you move your air units to Sicily raise the supply priority to 4 for the base. This will help to get your supplies built up enough so that all your aircraft at the new base can fly.

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