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jesuswhywhy -> Distant Worlds II (1/6/2015 3:15:44 AM)

Might be jumping the gun a bit but any1 willing to-do a compilation of links and information on Distant Worlds 2 Preferably sticked; would be a great help to inquiring minds to get excited about (more so :D)

Stuff like

confirmed features,

rumoured features, etc ; multiplayer etc

My experience of other forum communities is this is something that really excites people to keep up-to date, draws in everybody and keeps them on the same page as to things to look forward too

This is what I found off hand



August 16th, 2013 [&o]

Icemania -> RE: Distant Worlds II (1/6/2015 1:36:43 PM)

Great idea, let's keep this around however long it takes to get more news ... !

ASHBERY76 -> RE: Distant Worlds II (1/6/2015 7:33:24 PM)

Expect DW2 news a month before release in 2018.That is matrix marketing.

Flinkebeinchen -> RE: Distant Worlds II (1/6/2015 8:04:09 PM)

Good point Ashbery76!

aaatoysandmore -> RE: Distant Worlds II (1/6/2015 10:46:27 PM)

I would never buy or support a II until they fix the I first. Kinda tired of all this jumping to a new version just to make more money without ever fixing or completing the first version. Take the Total War game series. Same ole same ole with better graphics and more flaws and more false promises but the same ole game in new packaging for another full retail price. Nope won't find me there if/when a II comes out. The Total War series taught me a lesson along with HOI III.

Miyuki -> RE: Distant Worlds II (1/30/2015 11:22:55 PM)

64 bit pls.

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