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Timotheus -> How to setup game for 1941 Grand Campaign Multiplayer (12/31/2014 9:18:56 PM)

I will have my multiplayer access fixed in a few days and I expect to play a very friendly and experienced player who will murder me.

Should be great fun for both of us, looking forward to getting owned [:D]

Now, with HQBU, unlimited rails, etc, the game is sorta kinda WW2... but not really.

Comes very close, though.

My question to the crew - especially those who have played A LOT of multiplayer.

What are the options you set in the OPTIONS for the game to make it FUN AND HISTORICAL for both players?

Note that since this is my thread, I make the rules, and that I would like to play WITH NO HOUSE RULES ALLOWED - GAME AS IS.

So Lvov salient is a go, bombing HQ is a go, airborne drops is A-OK.

I have read somewhere that nerfing logistics for both players (was that Loki/Sigup game?) gives good results in the FUN AND HISTORICAL category - game is sorta balanced, both sides a bit hamstrung and Germans cannot motor across half the Soviet Union in a week.

So, the challenge, for 1.0801

After playing countless turns of this game in multiplayer, and murdering millions of poor electronic soldiers (heh), what are the options for the game in the options screen, and the rule is, no house rules allowed - anything in the game goes.

Options to tweak (Axis/Soviet) for a fun and somewhat historical options game:

Lock HQ Support (this has never been considered as a tweak but it is one)
Non-Random Weather
Reduced Blizzard
Soviet Combat Bonus
Morale Level
Fort Level
Logistics Level
Transport Level (I think this needs the biggest tweak)
Admin Level (Also a very interesting option to mess with)

Happy New Year [8D]

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