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12doze12 -> Blurry Sprites (12/26/2014 5:24:30 PM)

Unfortunatly the game crashes when I get a print but basiacly the ship sprites in-game look blurred when zoomed in, I suppose that's how they look when zoomed out to save resources but it's quite annoying to see them blurred when fully zoomed in.

EDIT: I forgot to mention it only happends with some ships, but I dont think the problem is specific ships, it just doesnt happend to all.

twinkypillow -> RE: Blurry Sprites (12/30/2014 6:41:42 PM)

what are you talking about?


twinkypillow -> RE: Blurry Sprites (12/30/2014 6:42:09 PM)



Toffi -> RE: Blurry Sprites (12/31/2014 8:20:40 PM)

My first post.. hello! [:)]

yes, the vanilla game has blurry ship graphics when zoomed in.
Here is how ship graphics could looks like if the developers would pay more attention to quality (imho).


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