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Tomcat84 -> My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (12/17/2014 9:54:24 PM)

This thread gives an overview of my scenarios and tutorials, with links to specific threads. The opening post details scenarios, the first reply tutorials.

My scenarios are mostly airwarfare centric, and can be quite complex and challenging (hopefully [:)] ) Most scenarios will also be in the Community Scenario pack, but not always. First a list with links to each scenarios thread (look for attachment to the opening post to download), then a little bit more specific info per scenario. All scenarios require 1.06 at this time.

I will keep the list updated, downloadable scenarios are in reverse-order of creation (newest first).

My Scenarios

1. DCA Mini-Ex
2. Red Flag 2017
3. Frisian Flag
4. Facing the Dragon

5. Red Flag 2022 (under construction)
6. Dance of the Vampires (under construction, but on the back burner)
7. Three Days in the Levant (concept)
8. Global Reach, Global Power (concept)
9. Eager Archer (concept)

Ready for download

DCA Mini-Ex
Probably my most simple scenario and perhaps a good one to start with. The idea is similar to Facing the Dragon, you are in charge of air defense for a few hour VUL period.
This time the setting is a squadron exchange in Denmark, with USAFE F-15Cs and Danish F-16AMs under your control to defend against enemy air attacks.
This scenario was originally built as a testbed for the new Lua functionality introduced by 1.06, but I decided to build it into a full fledged releasable scenario.
Good scenario to get comfortable with air combat.


Red Flag 2017
Similar to the below mentioned Frisian Flag scenario, except Red Flag is more complex.
Expect more air defenses, stronger enemy opposition and a tougher task to accomplish.
Getting comfortable with Frisian Flag before attempting this one may not be a bad idea.


Frisian Flag
This scenario puts you in charge of a single strike wave in a multinational air exercise.
Build a COMAO to take out enemy fighter opposition, neutralize some SAMs and take out your targets. A good stepping stone before moving on to Red Flag.


Facing the Dragon
Facing the Dragon is a China vs Taiwan scenario that focuses on an air to air only defense of Taiwan by Western air forces.
Expect lots of AMRAAMs flying around :) Maybe not entirely realistic in its setting and lack of naval/ground interaction, but still a nice air to air "what if?". The first scenario I built. Can be quite taxing for most computers.

Under construction / Ideas

Red Flag 2022 (under construction)
A more complex version of Red Flag 2017. More modern friendly forces, but also a stronger enemy.
Expect numerous F-22s and F-35s, but also expect SU-35s, J-20s and PAK-FAs.
On the ground you'll find SA-21s, SA-17s and the like for your enjoyment.
This scenario features a much larger piece of airspace than Red Flag 2017 and might even include a space element.
This will be my most difficult and complex scenario. Not for the faint of heart or slow computers.


Dance of the Vampires (under construction, but on the back burner)
An attempt to replicate the iconic chapter of Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising in which the USS Nimitz battlegroup is attacked by Soviet Long Range aviation.
Partially built but currently low priority.

Three Days in the Levant (concept)
Concept for a future scenario in which the player is in charge of (part of?) the Coalition forces fighting ISIL for about 72 hours.
Probably won't build it until next year when hopefully more details of actual events become known.

Global Reach, Global Power (concept)

Idea in my head to build a scenario focusing on the long reach of the US Air Force.
Player will have to plan a long range airstrike with US bombers either flying from CONUS or forward base like Diego Garcia, Guam or RAF Fairford.
Not sure yet if it should be exercise themed or a (fictional) actual operation.
Hence also not yet decided what the target area should be, nor how heavy the threat should be (and as a result don't know how many non bomber assets should be involved)

Eager Archer (concept)
Concept for a scenario set in Eastern Europe in the tumultuous summer of 2014 in which fictional NATO exercise Eager Archer, organized as a show of NATO resolve after the events surrounding MH17, turns into a shooting conflict with Russia.
Put on the back burner a bit for now.

If anyone has any comments on my scenarios, or suggestions for my under construction / concept ones, feel free to post of course, either in here, or the respective scenario's thread.

Tomcat84 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (12/17/2014 9:54:34 PM)


Overview of all my video tutorials related to Command.

Lua tutorials

Lua in Command Tutorial 1
A tutorial showing the very basic functions of Lua scripting in Command: Modern Air Naval Operations. Most useful for scenario creators.

Lua in Command Tutorial 2
A more advanced tutorial bringing the Lua functions into actually building a working scenario. Main focus is on Lua but also some other useful tips & tricks for the ScenEditor.

Non-Lua tutorials

Multiple Blended Overlays in Command
Video tutorial showing how to layer multiple overlays on top of each other and blend them into the surrounding stock terrain. Very useful if you want to start using overlays but dont like the sharp edges. Also shows how to resize to more workable sizes (thanks to Brassem!)

Relative Reference Points in Command
No audio in this one but you should be able to easily see how to make RPs relative with either fixed or rotating bearing, and the effect this gives. As well as how to switch from one to the other etc.

How to organize and load Custom Overlays in Command
Shows how to load overlays and gives a proposal on standardizing the way to organize them in a subfolder of the Command directory.

I hope you find some of this useful!

renders -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (2/21/2015 10:30:53 PM)

Hail the Tomcat! Good Job and nice post!

djoos5 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (2/22/2015 12:36:20 AM)


Tomcat84 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (2/22/2015 10:46:54 AM)

Thanks guys! [:)]

Galahad78 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (2/27/2015 9:34:08 AM)

If you keep up with the (very nice) habit of long, detailed briefings, count me in for every scenario of yours!

Even though I get my a** kicked more often than not [:D] [:D]

CassioM -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (2/27/2015 9:36:48 PM)

+1 on Galahad78

These detailed briefings and explanations with pics keeps me addicted in those scenarios.

Dogsbody -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (3/12/2015 6:14:07 PM)

Really helpful tutorials and interesting scenarios, thanks Tomcat!

madflava13 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (8/30/2015 2:23:54 PM)

If you're looking for scenario ideas, I'd love to see any of the following ideas: Air defense of Japan against North Korea/China; Something involving the attack/defense of the Spratly group - maybe a coalition of SE Asian nations against China?

Just some ideas! Thanks.

Coiler12 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (8/30/2015 2:44:08 PM)


ORIGINAL: madflava13
Something involving the attack/defense of the Spratly group - maybe a coalition of SE Asian nations against China?

Tomcat didn't make it, but in the community pack there's a scen called "The Five Powers" that is exactly that.

VegasOZ -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (8/30/2015 9:24:42 PM)

Tomcat, do you have, or know of, or can you make a scenario based on the old Harpoon scenario "Cutting the Noose". It was a major USN Carrier Group and supporting Subs and etc., steaming towards Iceland to attack the Russian held airbases and so forth. It is still my favorite Harpoon Scenario and I'm looking for something like it in CMANO.

Tomcat84 -> RE: My Scenarios and Tutorials for Command (9/4/2015 9:12:28 PM)

Thanks for the kind words and ideas. Am currently already working on some other stuff that's keeping me busy (plus real life). I'm not familiar with the Cutting the Noose scenario. It sounds good though. Have you looked at the Northern Fury series by Gunner98? I'm pretty sure he has a lot of North Atlantic carrier action going on in that. It might be something like what you are looking for?

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