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Arkblade -> steam (12/8/2014 9:48:36 AM)

thx for support of ToS long time.
btw, don't have any plan of ToS to bring steam?

now, matrixgames(Slitherine) have connection with valve.
and the steam now allowed freewares, and good old games.(mainly through the greenlight)
steam release are expect bring tons of new players.

I hope that people have re-focus to this good game.

LarkinVB -> RE: steam (12/24/2014 9:14:43 AM)

Thanks for your kind words. We do not plan anything with TOS. I think the game has done its job and wonder that anyone is still playing in these days of 10+ releases a month.

I also have no clue what to do to release on steam.

Happy holidays !

Palexis -> RE: steam (6/24/2015 8:53:52 PM)

I agree; I'd love to see ToS on Steam. I've been playing on-and-off since the original game, then I bought it, and then installed the freeware version. (Thanks for the new patch, by the way, though I've kept the original sound for the Tesla .. my favourite weapon!)

I've not been able to get the TCP/IP connection to work, so my friend and I play hot seat games on my computer, as partners against the AI. From my small contact with Steam (playing Skyrim) I think the system should make player-to-player internet games much easier. I've asked on the Steam forum how a game gets taken on.

I suspect there are still quite a lot of isolated players .. but there's no way to find out.

When you see some of the clumsy retro games that are still being played, surely a complex tactical game like ToS can attract players?

P -> RE: steam (3/10/2016 6:00:21 AM)

Hello Larkin
yes the game is on some computers. Yesterday I upgraded to 1.28 (from 1.22) and the Vacancy function come up again (known from the non WS Version); looks like I didn't upgrade all components last time.
It still gives me lots of fun (and extreme situations....) when special versions (like the Ancient Mariner) comes around the corner and my solid configs starts to fail :-)

I Like ToS mostly because of it's keyboard functions and it's stability. In the last six years I had only one crash ( in about 600 fights). What I'm not so happy about is the upper limit of XPs. When you reach perfect, there's no way to go further. For a cyborg with 38 years that's quite depressing ;-)


P.S.: I still play MechForce (good old Mr Reed) from time to time (when I start up my Amiga), which is now 26 years old... good applications never grew old, just more special. Afaik there's no round/time based Mechlike game on the market which behaves like ToS; the huge arsenal of different weapons makes it quite unique :-) -> RE: steam (3/10/2016 12:44:13 PM)

P.S.: A few times (using a LR Fighter and playing a king of the mountain scenario) I had (with V1.21) the phenomen that I was not hit at all (all SR or melee fighters) and when in Repair I was told nothing to repair, but next time my ammo was nearly depleated as the ammo was not restocked in repair. Since then I had to be injured just to be sure to be restocked. Ever heard of it Larkin?

LarkinVB -> RE: steam (3/10/2016 4:30:13 PM)

Still having fun, great ! Not sure about your problem but I guess you are restocked when entering the HQ. Let me know if you have problems with v1.2.8, it has quite some fixes and improvements over v1.2.1.

What do you mean by 'vacancy function' ? -> RE: steam (3/17/2016 7:02:33 AM)

Hello Larkin
"Vacancy Function" is the possibility to put some (expensive) jocks into holiday so they don't consume all the money for not doing anything. As I prefer "one on many" combat my old patched V1.22 didn't offer the possibility, while the older did. As mentioned before there seems to be some patch error happened.
I'd report any problems in V1.2.8 if I found one.
Cheers and happy ToSing

P.S.: The old TrueUpdate.exe was disabled some time ago I guess as the function was telling me no updates available when I used it from time to time -> RE: steam (3/28/2016 12:46:07 PM)

Hello Larkin
yesterday I did set up such a situation (SR fighter again King of the mountain) and the error did not happen again. I went to the factory and checked the armament and it was restocked.
I've seen a few new messages like the hint on the salvage. If the resolution wasn't fixed (I'm on a 3k Monitor for more than ten years now) I'm pretty sure I'd live with it for a very long time


elliser -> RE: steam (7/7/2016 11:27:21 AM)

Still having fun, great ! -> RE: steam (7/8/2016 7:27:02 AM)

Hi Elliser
it's a great game after all. Such strategy games esp. with Mech/BT based are really rare and have a lot in common with chess or other (old) board games. There are surely times when I only played it once in a year, but then comes times when I played it five times a day. With good campaigns like Ghstbears Coup it's really challenging and unique. Much more tempting than my beloved MechForce in Combat Mission.

Iskandar -> RE: steam (8/10/2016 6:09:50 PM)

Yup, still having fun. I don't play it as much, but I still come back to it now and again. There just isn't any other game like it and it is disappointing that it looks like there never will be.

rattle23 -> RE: steam (11/18/2016 12:27:01 PM)

There's just no better MechForce clone out there that captures the spirit of CBT as well as this game.

This game could do well with a graphics update as in isometric but 3D and a procedural world (=> universe) and political map generator to give the player stuff to interact with, like factions, an economy, random missions => multi-mission campaigns etc.

I've begun working on both former and latter for a while now every now and then...
Here's the crude beginning of a highly abstracted tectonic plate simulation to generate physically based terrain to derive a political map from.
cubeupload. com/im/VCvbBu.png (the black spacing and pixels in between come from random plate rotation and related artifacts)

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