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turkey -> Partial problem (12/6/2014 5:20:50 AM)

Playing as Japanese in stock I've just lost my first atoll (Tarawa) after a long battle. The units on the atoll were not killed cleanly but died by attrition. It looks like this has caused some problems with a partial of the 5th Coastal Gun Reg. which was on Kwajalein waiting to go forward and contained reinforcement CD guns. When the parent died, firstly the partial did not take over and become the parent itself and secondly when I look at the OOB of the partial it now says itís the 4th Air Army with 130 support squads and no CD guns.... If I inspect the Kwajalein base listing this still says the unit is a partial of the 5th CD Reg and contains guns. Has anyone experienced this before and can anyone tell me if the partial will fight with the CD guns it had before or is it really magically become 130 support squads?

Ian R -> RE: Partial problem (12/6/2014 5:50:17 AM)

Sounds like the old 'ghost unit' problem, or a variation of it. Is it available for transport loading?

Where parent units are eliminated by attrition, the fragment is orphaned - that I have seen.

I'd say load it on barges and sail it towards the American fleet to get rid of it Either that or leave it where it is let the Marines deal with it a couple of months.

BPRE -> RE: Partial problem (12/7/2014 6:08:44 PM)


It's happened several times to me too. I think I understand how the code works in this case. It will always make the sub unit with the most amount of support squads the parent unit. Due to this the parent unit can actually "move" because another subunit suddenly has more support squads than the present parent unit.
Unfortunately it keeps the preparation points so all of a sudden your sub unit at Tarawa 100% prepped for Tarawa is suddenly 100% prepped for Nauru Island where another sub unit is located and vice versa.

The problem you have occurs when the only remaining sub units doesn't have any support squads at all. The code seems to look for the sub unit with the most support squads and when there is none, voila, there is no parent unit. Only one remaining sub unit.

When listing the units it will show the unit in some modes and in other modes it will just skip it until the next unit.

I have a couple of units like that at the moment in my present game. Tried moving them to other islands etc but nothing has helped so far. I think they are lost for ever. Annoying but...

Best regards

ndworl -> RE: Partial problem (12/13/2014 3:10:44 AM)

Not lost forever. I'm sure they'll show up on some news bulletin in 40 years time, being told that the war is over.

BPRE -> RE: Partial problem (12/16/2014 6:30:44 PM)

[X(][X(] Of course!! The historical detail in this game is unbelievable [&o]

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