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Alex1812 -> Soviet deployment in 3rd Herd (11/28/2014 6:43:05 AM)

Tree times I played the "3rd Herd" scenario versus real people and I used the same type of force deployment and composition each time. Here is it

We have one typical Soviet regiment with 3 MRB, 1 TB, 2 SA units, with recon and ATGM company plus additional heavy artillery.

I create 5 groups using this troops:

1) Tree special groups which I called "Аssault Groups" (ШО, Штурмовой отряд", "Shturmovoy otryad" in Russian). Each group has 1 TC, 2 MRC, recon platoon and additional unit like mortars or ATGMs. This groups I use for assault missions. It's easy to cooperate 1 TC and 2 MRC in one attack.

2) One typical MRB for protect central position plus one SA-19 unit to ride on the road forward and backward and shooting down the US helicopters [;)]

3) One artillery group with ATGM company and SA-11 unit for protection.

In the picture you can find my typical deployment:

The first Assault Group (1ШО) take hill from the West of Maar. It's a good position because US player can not use long range weapon. He must assault only in close range.

The MRB (2/64мсп) take Lauterbach and placing its MRC in closing positions to avoid long range shotting.

Another Assault Group (3ШО) take central hill and can be used for attack in the West direction.

The last Assault Group (4ШО) I use as reserve for counterattack at the end of the battle as usual.


Mad Russian -> RE: Soviet deployment in 3rd Herd (11/28/2014 2:49:59 PM)

The 64,000 ruble question is, did you win with that setup? [&:][8|]

Good Hunting.


Alex1812 -> RE: Soviet deployment in 3rd Herd (11/28/2014 3:06:05 PM)

yes, It's hard to lose for the Soviet side [:'(]

MrLongleg -> RE: Soviet deployment in 3rd Herd (11/28/2014 3:15:56 PM)

I also think that this is hard to loose for the Soviet player. Tried it 3 times as NATO against computer, best I could get was tactical defeat. NATO doesn't have useful anti air assets. The only chance is to blow the bridges very early in the game. Then you do have a fighting chance

HeinzBaby -> RE: Soviet deployment in 3rd Herd (1/4/2017 6:37:07 AM)

I've played this senario couple of times from both sides against the AI, always achieving a Decisive Victory (approx. 80+) for Soviets and Tactical Victories ( 73+) playing US.

Whoever gets into Lauterbach will win. How you use your Helos is the key - strike concentrated, slowing down, suppressing the enemy racing into Lauterbach.
You will loose the majority of your Helos but they have done their job -buying time. Playing Soviet, Direct support Arty your Krokidils (Mi24's) these are your eyes and ears.
US - your Apaches are fearless killers, don't fritter them away piecemeal, I keep them tight together - more lethal.

Zakalwe101 -> RE: Soviet deployment in 3rd Herd (1/15/2017 8:35:26 PM)

I have not fought this battle from the soviet point of view but having played as NATO I don't think racing into LAUTERBACH is necessary to win, at least the against the AI. NATO dont have the forces early on to do any thing but die piece meal contesting LAUTERBACH,so my adopted strategy is to position half my AH64 to cover the open ground east of Wallenrod, the other the crossing east of Frischborn. Arriving forces, initially Recon, are sent to cover Wallenrod and the vp hex on the river east of Frischborn, the objective is to set up ATGM kill zones to make the inevitable Soviet thrust west expensive, when they have been written down enough a task group of a tank company and mech company counterattack using the crossings at Lautertal. Vp's in LAUTERBACH are seized late in the game. This has worked twice, it could go very wrong if the Soviets attack in the north !

I finished the game as attached, my biggest loss was to Soviet artillery losing two AH64 to artillery, late in the game, as they resupplied close to the task group hq, I say biggest loss as by that point i had found their artillery and rearming them to send them by circuitous route to strike the soviet artillery but yet again my helicopters became magnets for anything fired at them.

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