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thesock -> Adjusting weapons abs (11/18/2014 5:55:12 PM)

In the earlier games adjusting the effect of the off board arty and mortars was a simple case of adjusting the blast effect radius and the penetration setting. but for the last couple of versions including this one , adjusting those setting have no effect. Am I missing something?

Steve McClaire -> RE: Adjusting weapons abs (11/20/2014 3:55:55 PM)

Gateway to Caen allows you to specify what weapon index is used for off-map mortar or artillery support in the campaign.txt data file. I suspect you may be changing a different data entry, because the weapon values do have an effect.

The data field you need to adjust can be found at the end of \data\base\campaigns.txt. Then change the corresponding row in \data\base\weapons.txt.


thesock -> RE: Adjusting weapons abs (11/20/2014 7:15:46 PM)

Cheers Steve.

thesock -> RE: Adjusting weapons abs (11/20/2014 9:43:45 PM)

All I could find in the campaign file is how to adjust the number of barrages allocate per day. What I was trying for was to up the destructive capability, as at the moment the arty seems to have little effect on armour. On Invasion Normandy you only had to up the penetration and blast effect numbers, but on PitF and GtC those settings when adjusted seem to have no effect.

Cathartes -> RE: Adjusting weapons abs (11/21/2014 3:49:18 PM)

the first number under fire support (in Campaign.txt) is the index number of the weapon in the weapons file. Try radically changing some of the data for artillery and/or mortar and work backwards from there. The way that blast effect works in GtC and PitF is a bit different than Invasion Normandy.

thesock -> RE: Adjusting weapons abs (11/22/2014 8:10:57 PM)

Found the bit at the bottom of the Campaign file. Some very interesting tweets there. Also found in the weapons file that I had to adjust the calibre size to ramp up the effect. Thanks for the help Cathartes and Steve.

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