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Erik Rutins -> Battlefields 2/24 Update! (2/24/2003 10:22:29 PM)

Hello again,

Well, a few days late but hopefully not a dollar short. :)

Here's some info on the Battlefields! Supply and Replacement flow system. Units have Supply and Fuel (for motorized/mechanized units). Replacements also flow from external sources (in amounts defined by the designer) to the units on the battlefield. While we also have a few additional mechanics for Replacements regarding internal vs. external and proximity to HQ/dump/depot, I'll cover general flow of supply, fuel and replacements here...

Battlefields! Supply Procedures

Logistics means either supply or fuel.

Depot means a supply depot.

Dump means a fuel depot.

BF uses three Logistics “zones” and two “links”:

Map border --> General Link --> Depots / Dumps --> Convoys --> Unit

General Logistics --> General Link --> Local Logistics --> Local Link --> Organic Logistics

General Logistics indicates how many supply/fuel units will be received by all depots/dumps. This value is fixed by the designer and it can be adjusted through events.

General links are handled abstractly. A depot/dump is considered to have a general link if it can trace a path to a non-sea/lake friendly map border hex. General links can also trace to Supply Heads defined by the scenario designer. These can be of the following types: Beach, Port, Air. Supply heads have a set capacity and may run out. Air supply heads can also be moved, if the designer allows.

Depots/Dumps use specific values to indicate how many goods they store. These values increase by using the general link and decrease via the local link.

Local links are handled via the convoy system. Each unit will send a supply request to a single depot or dump. If a route can be traced between the unit and depot, a supply or fuel convoy is sent by the depot and will travel until:

1) Both the convoy and the unit share the same hex at the start of a turn.
2) The unit is destroyed.

Convoys are modeled like units and Battlefields! automatically tracks their position and orders. Usually they don’t count towards stacking except when using a road. In that case they will have a stacking value of 1, thus possibly creating traffic jams for unit in Administrative Mode that are using the same road.

Like units, a convoy can move into enemy controlled hexes and is subject to interdiction.

A convoy is automatically destroyed when it is alone in a hex entered by an enemy unit. They will avoid enemy occupied hexes and will stop their movement for the turn if the next hex in their path would cause them to enter an enemy occupied hex.

Each side has a pool of available transport which can be balanced between convoys and transport for units. There is a screen in the game that allows you to see how much transport is available and in use, as well as a screen that tracks convoy status.

Units in the game are assigned minimum and maximum values for supply/replacement requests. This is important in terms how how the system handles and prioritizes the various requests.

The minimum value is the value at which a replacement/supply query is made mandatory. Mandatory queries are filled first. If enough replacements/supplies are available after mandatory queries have been filled, all non-mandatory queries are then filled.

The maximum value is the maximum value to which a unit will be supplied/replaced once the scenario has begun.

Assume an unit with a Supply level of 30% with 45/95 min/max values for Supply. A mandatory query is created for 95-30 = 65 Supply points.

The same unit at 70% Supply will create a non-mandatory 95-70 = 15 Supply point query.

Finally this same unit with 96% Supply will not generate any query.

The main difference between the two queries is the mandatory aspect. All mandatory queries will be handled first, regardless how large or small.

If you want an unit be given high priority in supply or replacements, raise its minimum value: an unit using 90/100 for min/max will make all its queries mandatory when it is in the 1-89 range.

The top priority is achieved by using a 100/100 for min/max as such a unit will always send mandatory queries and thus will received replacements first.

If you want to lower the priority, lower the minimum value: a unit using 10/100 for min/max will make all its queries non-mandatory when in the 11-99 range.

Finally, lower both minimum/maximum values for units that are considered the absolute lowest priority: a unit using 1/1 for min/max will send a query only when reaching a Supply level of 1 to a maximum of 1. In other words, nothing.

Hope that makes some sense! :)


- Erik

Fred98 -> (2/25/2003 4:44:50 AM)

Yes alll very interesting. Keep em coming.

Mac_MatrixForum -> Re: Battlefields 2/24 Update! (2/27/2003 7:33:28 PM)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Erik Rutins
[B]Convoys are modeled like units and Battlefields! automatically tracks their position and orders.[/B][/QUOTE]

I've always wanted to use the computing power of modern computers to do just that. Looking forward to seeing it in action.

AlBW -> (2/27/2003 8:32:48 PM)

I have seen an ad for Battlefields on the back page of a magazine. I took this to mean is was now available, but it's not shown in your store (or at least I couldn't find it). Does the ad mean it will be ready soon?

Erik Rutins -> Response... (2/27/2003 8:56:16 PM)


Thanks for the interest. Battlefields! is currently undergoing beta testing and our scenario design team is also hard at work. When we are confident that the game and the scenarios are ready for release, it will be available in our store (and in many others).

Keep checking back and I'll keep everyone posted as to our best estimates.


- Erik

AlBW -> (2/27/2003 9:12:25 PM)

Thank you for responding. I look forward to seeing what Battlefields will be like as the Co/Bn scale is a favorite of mine.

sprior -> Re: Response... (2/27/2003 11:42:19 PM)

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Erik Rutins

Thanks for the interest. Battlefields! is currently undergoing beta testing and our scenario design team is also hard at work. When we are confident that the game and the scenarios are ready for release, it will be available in our store (and in many others).

Keep checking back and I'll keep everyone posted as to our best estimates.


- Erik [/B][/QUOTE]

Does that mean I can put it down on my birthday list for May 5th?

Erik Rutins -> Response... (2/28/2003 12:00:54 AM)


No promises on that yet, but I do appreciate your interest. We're due to take another good look over the schedule early in March to see where we are and how much longer it's likely to take to get Battlefields! in your hands. Once that's finished, I'll post up here with our best current estimate.


- Erik

Nyrkki -> (2/28/2003 3:07:55 PM)

I like this! A couple of questions:

To which formation level does the depo/dumps belong and can units trace supply from from depo/dumps that belong to a different formation?

Am I right in assuming that the actual request of supplies is done automatically each turn and the player only has to decide on the priority?


Erik Rutins -> Response... (2/28/2003 9:24:10 PM)


The scenario designer sets up the initial OOB with the depots and dumps. At that point, the default logistics/replacement flow is also set up. The player can go with the default flow or, on any given turn, change which depot/dump a unit requests supplies/fuels/replacement from. I've attached a screenshot of the logistics flow screen to give some idea of what's possible.


- Erik

Nyrkki -> (3/3/2003 1:18:28 PM)

Thank's for the answers, sounds good!

Operational Art of War not working on my brand new XP left a operational level wargame sized hole in my game library, so I'm pretty eagaerly waiting for Battlefront to appear on shelves of my local dealer here in Finland.

Any idea when that might happen? Yeah, Yeah, I know....


IanLister -> (3/3/2003 4:32:17 PM)

Me too. I still play TOAW very occasionally but can't wait for this one, as it adds in all the elements TOAW and the V4V games didn't cover except in an abstract way. This new one sounds wonderful!

Pippin -> (3/4/2003 5:02:20 AM)

Myself wish I could play my old TOAW but keep getting that blasted (This CD is non NT compatible) error....

Boo on MS.

Tombstone -> RE: (2/12/2004 3:12:05 AM)

This supply model sounds really cool, it looks like it gives maximum control while still being autonomous enough to mess with only sparingly once set up by the designer.

Questions- What happens if the player sets min values that cannot be met? What order do units get supply?

What are the effects of low supply and/or no supply? When a convoy is destroyed does the player lose anything other than the supplies themselves?

Is there any built in support for the capturing of enemy depots for use in your own operations?


Zemke -> RE: RE: (4/19/2010 4:08:58 AM)

Interesting, but German doctrine was not pull a unit off the line to receive replacements and allow training of the new replacements into the units, this system sounds like an American one imposed on all nations.

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