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mkr8683 -> Hrm.. (10/15/2014 1:46:15 AM)

News from nearly a year ago, but intriguing..

mkr8683 -> RE: Hrm.. (10/15/2014 1:54:24 AM)

Can someone decipher this?

JEB Davis -> RE: Hrm.. (10/16/2014 12:35:16 AM)

[:)]Interesting find.

Major_Mess -> RE: Hrm.. (10/16/2014 1:17:00 AM)

I think that's just Ubisoft being Ubisoft. [:D]
They sure seem to be equally good at Lawyerin' and Vaporware, somehow they've found a way through their two strengths to keep an income stream going. [&:]

Oh Yeah, Guys ...

The next Steel Panthers doesn't have to be called by that name. That's all they got, a name.


Major Mess

mkr8683 -> RE: Hrm.. (10/16/2014 3:14:13 AM)


ORIGINAL: Major Mess

The next Steel Panthers doesn't have to be called by that name..

Yeah, they could call it Combat Leader or Steel Tigers!


Too soon?


KG Erwin -> RE: Hrm.. (11/4/2014 12:56:30 AM)

I'd be happy with this as long as it's based on the Matrix version, not the other one. I downloaded the other version, played around with it a bit, and then deleted it. I hated the USMC OOB (mine is much better LOL). [;)]

I also don't fully trust Ubisoft, but that goes back a long way to Silent Hunter II, which they released buggy and unfinished.

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