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BattleMoose -> Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/11/2014 3:49:48 AM)


This is a general question on the best orders in order to intercept an enemy fleet. Hypothetical situation, two SAG are located near each other, lets say 5 hexes apart, both are spotted.

First the route of the enemy fleet has to be predicted.

So for the intercepting fleet, lets say full speed, retirement on, max reaction range and set it on the expected route of the enemy fleet. The problem with this approach is that if an interception doesn't occur, the fleet may end up heading back home? Or is the idea to set enough way points that this doesn't occur?

Or do you use patrol zones? What do people find works best?


Its actually not a very hypothetical situation, I am hunting a SAG from my enemy in my PBEM, endy. :-D He was hoping to raid some cargo/tankers from Cape Town to Perth, he ran into a Cruiser SAG instead and the hunter has become the hunted. The chase has been going on for about 3/4 turns now. Mid Indian Ocean.

DanSez -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/11/2014 4:12:32 AM)

My first suggestion would be to try and set an interception point, make sure you are launching NAV Search float planes and open up the Reaction setting (can be up to 6 hexes).

WARNING - make sure your fleet doesn't react into an enemy Anti-Naval Air trap. If you are hunting raiders, less chance of that, but if you are patrolling the near front lines or raiding yourself, you have to be careful that the Reaction setting doesn't cause grief.

LoBaron -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/11/2014 5:46:04 AM)


ORIGINAL: BattleMoose
Hypothetical situation, two SAG are located near each other, lets say 5 hexes apart

Routing: Direct
Threat Tolerance: Absolute
Commander: agg as high possible
1-2 patrol zones in the predicted path of the enemy SAG

BUT most important: React 6

There are drawbacks to such a setting, more so with 2day turns, but you get the best intercept probability.

witpqs -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/11/2014 7:31:26 AM)

Published a thingy on the AE Wiki.

Itdepends -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/11/2014 9:56:38 AM)

Definitely use patrol zones as per LoBaron- that will get you the react you need. Set for mission speed though- if he or you use Full speed you'll be out of fuel in no time.

dr.hal -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/11/2014 10:10:58 PM)

Is "thingy" a technical word????

witpqs -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/12/2014 12:20:04 AM)

Very! [:D]

PaxMondo -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/12/2014 1:18:17 PM)

The most important point is to keep the DL high on the opposing force ... spotted this turn is good, but the DL will decrease significantly unless you keep NavSearch assets on it. Remember, just because you know it is in a hex, that is still 40 miles of sea ... a very large area that is beyond your horizon. High DL will enable you to intercept ... generally anything above 6 and interceptions for me are about automatic (unless heavy TStorms, then I think there is always a chance to miss no matter the DL).

BattleMoose -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/12/2014 3:33:17 PM)

Do you set arcs for float planes, or just generically put them on search?

John Lansford -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/12/2014 6:19:52 PM)

Open ocean intercepts aren't easy to accomplish. When I see a TF headed towards one of my bases (such as Canton Island), I send a surface TF group towards it on an opposite bearing with a "return to base" setting, 1 hex reaction and the home base as Canton itself. That way if they miss the intercept, they turn right around and head straight back for the target the enemy TF is moving towards anyway. I've intercepted numerous invasion and even Carrier TF's with that tactic. -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/12/2014 6:27:53 PM)

Battlemoose- I find setting arcs for surface TF's is dangerous because as they move you lose the arc being where you want it to be-- also you might forget and 2 months later find that your TF float planes were looking north when you were fighting a mega battle to the west etc. You also don't know if the enemy fleet will pass you in the night.

I like John Lansford's tactical idea, that's cool. This game is incredible with how many creative ideas and strategies come out over the years.

PaxMondo -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/13/2014 4:26:01 AM)

FP's help, but if they are your only assets for NavSearch you are far from guaranteed of intercept. Just not likely to get that much of a DL spike. LBA NavSearch makes a big difference.

John Lansford -> RE: Intercepting Fleets, how to (9/13/2014 2:04:18 PM)

I almost never use directional search arcs on my ship based FP's. They are too scarce and too short ranged to cover much, so I just leave them on 360 and rely on land based naval search. Even a B-25 or A-20 squadron on naval search is better than 2 or 3 floatplanes. Now, if my CV's are out raiding or approaching an enemy base I'll set one of the DB squadrons to 50% naval search ahead of the TF just in case there is a surprise waiting on them, but that's about it.

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