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gerishnakov -> [DWU] Varied FTL techs (8/24/2014 11:05:48 AM)

I'm curious about whether anyone has tried modding in another row of FTL tech, entirely separate from that in the vanilla game, but kept both in.

If you were to designate the base tech for both trees as 'must be found through exploration before research available' then how does that manifest in the game? Are there two ruins planets in your system on a prewarp start, with each of the base techs? Is there something like a 50/50 chance of one or the other appearing? Does this just not work, i.e. can the game only handle one base warp tech being set as 'must be found through exploration'?

Any answers would be great. Cheers everyone.

lurchi -> RE: [DWU] Varied FTL techs (8/24/2014 11:47:11 AM)

I have multiple new FTL drives in Research Reloaded, but none that can be found, all have to be researched. It should be no problem to have a new drive tech in a ruin though. It also doesn't have to be in the home system, or are you talking about a starting drive? If so there should be enough planets and moons around, so give it a try.

gerishnakov -> RE: [DWU] Varied FTL techs (8/24/2014 6:51:04 PM)

Yeah I'll have to do a little experimenting and find out. Thanks for your prompt response to the question though Lurchi!

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