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jkile -> Research Explain please (8/1/2014 2:01:17 AM)

How does one maximize research??? On research screen you have a "Empire Potential" figure, say 745.

Down below there is two sets of numbers; actual capacity 800 and actual use500. I hope I terminology right.

Does the player need much usage with capacity OR usage with potential???? to have you research rate working as fast as it can. I understand the additional pluses(like location bonuses).[&:]



lurchi -> RE: Research Explain please (8/1/2014 2:30:03 AM)

The Research Potential is what your empire could achieve. To reach that goal you need enough research labs.

Total Research Capacity shows how much lab capacity you have. This should be the same as your Research Potential or a bit more. If it's less building more labs is a great idea. [;)]
Depending on what labs you have you can distribute your effort among the research areas.

Actual Output is what your empire actually achieves based on the above. If you have a bonus (like from locations) it's included.

janamdo -> RE: Research Explain please (8/1/2014 2:53:24 PM)

Your total research capacity( summed up) must be equal to that of the Total empire research potential..
By choosing research stations lokations, scientists , can get up to 5 bonus fields what can increase the Total research capacity..then you get the actual output what must be higher ofcourse than the Total empire research potential otherwise there is no benefit.

When the population is growing and with more colonies the total empire research potential will increase, because there are more scientists to get.
You must keeping a eye on the total research capacity and the total empire research potential ..those two figures must match
If the total empire research potential is growing must build more max bonussed research stations

jkile -> RE: Research Explain please (8/1/2014 3:07:06 PM)

thanks a lot guys or girls!!!!

Ithought this is what is suppose to be, but just couldn't find a concise answer.


Vardis -> RE: Research Explain please (8/1/2014 5:27:07 PM)

TRC and TERP don't have to match. You don't want TERP to be higher than your TRC, because that means you aren't researching as much as you could be. If your TRC is higher, that just means you are paying for research labs that aren't being utilized, which is almost certainly a very small percentage of your maintenance costs (well under 1% in my game).

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