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corwin90 -> Adding new races equals new colony types? (7/24/2014 12:47:29 PM)

This is such a simple piece of information. But as a new player, I just didn't think about it. I was playing along as Humans (Continental Home World) in my game looking at two possible colony locations. Suddenly, those two circled systems become over a dozen!! Earlier in my game, I'd stumbled upon a refugee fleet and inherited a volcanic world colony ship. I thought the same thing had happened here. I looked through all my ships but couldn't find the desert colony ship. It wasn't until I clicked on one of the desert worlds that I saw the little tip saying I could colonize it with a different race in my empire. It was at that moment I realized that a desert colony had just crossed the magical 500 million and could build and send a colony ship containing that race. Woohoo!

Sadly, the colony construction speed with only 500M people is only about 140%. However, three years later, I had a colony ship to use for colonizing a Korabban Spice planet. Hurray!!

I just spied an independent colony on an ice planet. I'm racing to add them to my empire. I almost researched Desert Colonization before my Desert colony built its first colony ship. Ice colonization is so much further down the three. I'd guess I'll get my Ice Colony to 500M and build a colony ship long before I research that tech.

I wonder if we might suggest an event for the history log that displays when a colony world with a new race type hits 500M? I started to submit a bug report before I figured it out.

Shark7 -> RE: Adding new races equals new colony types? (7/24/2014 6:17:09 PM)

If you obtain any species as part of your empire that has a different preferred home planet and you have more than 200 million of them on a planet (or a refugee fleet of them) then you gain access to the new races home colony type. Meaning you expand your colonizable planets based on the new race. You still need to do the research for your own race to colonize these planets though.

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