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Unforeseen -> [WIP] Expanded Weapons FX (7/16/2014 3:00:29 PM)

Expanded Weapons FX

This mod's goal is to maximize the customizability of Weapons FX by modifying the components.txt and fighters.txt files so that all weapons, including fighters use a different image file. This ensures that no single weapon will use the same image as another allowing you to change one without changing another. No two weapons HAVE to look the same if you don't want them to. The offset is that it pretty much doubles the work you have to do when changing Weapons FX. An offset which at least for me is worth the gain.

I had originally planned to release the first version yesterday, however I ran into some problems(I made a mistake)and had to rework the original outline. Yesterday was my day off from work so I'll be working on this after work. Hopefully I'll have enough time to get it done in the next couple of days.

There will be two, technically three versions. Vanilla, Extended and a version for my private version of DWOM 2.0 which I can't upload due to mod author restrictions.

Currently I have a full outline for extended, completed the extended version of the fighters.txt and began work on DWOM 2.0's components.txt and I am about 1/3 done with that. Once done with that, the extended version should be released soon after.

This mod is intended to be compatible with all mods that do not make changes to the components.txt. It will be included in the next update of Distant Worlds Overhaul Mod which can be found in my sig.

Unforeseen -> RE: [WIP] Expanded Weapons FX (7/19/2014 2:18:31 AM)

This is postponed pending determination on if there will be an update to extended. I may instead focus on the vanilla version.

RICO7878 -> RE: [WIP] Expanded Weapons FX (7/21/2014 5:11:47 AM)

Sounds good, was wondering if this could be done. Good luck and def will be watching for this!

Unforeseen -> RE: [WIP] Expanded Weapons FX (7/21/2014 6:28:43 PM)

Since it doesn't appear Extended will be updated I'll probably be finishing this soon.

The AS IS release of this mod will come with all of the FX files necessary to immediately integrate this into your extended mod theme. All weapons will still look the same, so if you want to change them you'll need to open the weapons folder and replace the files. It will include a readme that will show you what weapon uses which image as well as explain why it's in the order that it is.

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