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bvoid -> Beta - More pirate related bugs (6/30/2014 12:17:22 AM)

1. When Criminal Network has been constructed it is not possible to build normal base facilities at planets (e.g. armored factory). The button is enabled but nothing happens when it is clicked (similarly nothing happens from right-click menu either). If needed funds are not present buttons are greyed out correctly. Wonders can be built, but not normal facilities.

2. Post criminal network -> pirate player now has regular troops and can invade planets. However, invading a planet where the player already owns a pirate base leads to the destruction of the players own buildings. This was fixed for raiding I think, but not for regular invasion.

3. Post criminal network -> pirate troop ships will attempt to load troops from independent worlds (unsure if they succeed).

Annoyances noticed during latest game (as pirate but possibly not strictly pirate related):

4. Automated constructors constantly attempt to build starbases far far away. Ships in one corner of the universe then attempt to refuel at the distant base (despite plentiful fuel being available much closer). Result is lots of dry ships slowly crawling across map.

5. A general annoyance: It would be nice to disable the "engage system targets" behaviour on fleets. It is impossible (without frustrating micromanagement) to have a fleet sit at an objective providing close cover, ships are easily distracted and will abandon your nascent starbase to chase the pirate explorer on the other side of the system. Similarly, covering a planet to stop pirate raids is very difficult when ships will not actually stay there. Fleet postures don't help here, basing a fleet at planet and using "defend base only" posture leads to the same easily distracted behaviour.

Nanaki -> RE: Beta - More pirate related bugs (6/30/2014 12:14:08 PM)

1. Old bug. I reported it awile back. You can get around it by using the colonization screen to build your structures.

4. You might want to double check. Theres two fuel types, Caslon and Hydrogen. It is entirely possible that the closer fuel depot has the wrong fuel type.

5. Go into your options. You can set the default ship behavior there.

bvoid -> RE: Beta - More pirate related bugs (6/30/2014 2:01:01 PM)

4. There is no confusion about this.

5. Ok that's useful to know.

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