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TARTAR5 -> game (6/27/2014 11:36:02 PM)

i am getting error 200 when i try to install game,have had for many years??

Agathosdaimon -> RE: game (6/29/2014 2:02:02 AM)

I recall getting that but there is an easy fix, i just forget what it was ,- hopefully someone here canadvise. Have you got the latest updates? Have you played with the compatibility settings?

Agathosdaimon -> RE: game (7/5/2014 4:00:22 AM)


La Provence -> RE: game (7/16/2014 4:07:42 PM)

About the game.........

is it Ok to play now ?

i stopped to play some years ago.
is there a good and complete release ?

i have the original CD with the first game version.
is there a new complete version ?


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