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mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/25/2014 11:25:07 PM)

Well, I didn't change anything in base dialog and I did end up fixing some errors in facilities.txt which were mine (and some which were not).

And yeah, you're right about the content before mechanics stuff. My problem is that I just care more about mechanics. I actually started this mod as a set of mechanics changes and then later decided to give it a WH40k theme. I need to get my priorities straight, though, so unless people start reporting OOM issues en masse I will just try to focus on the content from here on out because it is certainly lacking.

I did think of a problem with changing component names to reflect the lore: almost every race seems to have unique weapons. So the ubiquitous lasgun will almost necessarily be employed by the Eldar and the Orks, which does not jive. I was thinking that a possible solution would be to make things more vague in the general tech tree (the easy way). The other solution would be to completely rework the entire tech tree and ensure that certain races are forced down certain tech paths (the hard way).

The latter is possible as of the most recent update so I'm not ruling it out. It will be a ****ton of work, though.

On another note theniceshakturi has been contributing a lot of original and more appropriate troop art. So far he has given me stuff for the Orks, Imperium and Eldar. It will be in the next update.

I also did some more extensive research on the minor races so hopefully I can make them more colorful and interesting than they currently are. Sadly a lot of the minor races barely have a sentence or two in the lexicanum that describes them. However, this means that I am free to do what I want with them, so I will probably base some off races from other things (gykon=grineer from warframe).

Finally, I will be doing an overhaul of governments; mostly to make government choices reflect the lore better, but also to make them a little more realistic.

necaradan666 -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/26/2014 8:24:29 AM)

battlefleet gothic ship name generator, not really great.

System/planet names, could be useful for a custom systemNames.txt

Don't forget to write an about.txt and include an about.png for your mod.. I've been using this one.


mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/26/2014 9:49:31 PM)

EDIT: The best way to get a hold of me at this point is on steam. I'm foughthelaw&won. Don't be shy.

Yeah man I'll try to keep that in mind. And that is a good picture of the emporer..I was using it before the one I'm using now but it didn't look as good zoomed out (heavy brow line gave him a mongo look from far away).

Ship names will probably not work out because Orks will get stuff meant for the Imperium, etc.

I'm currently using Osito's list of planet names (cited properly in the OP) as he has been kind enough to grant modders access to his works. They are based off current names of stars and such. I feel that is just as appropriate as 40k planet names as this all is technically taking place in 30k. None of the planets outside of Sol would have yet been settled by the Imperium so they wouldnt have been given their "modern" names.

On the other hand Gleise 461b doesn't have a whole lot of ring to it, so I may yet consider it.

Something I did wind up doing last night is revamping about half of the minor races. I just felt that they were total piss as I was rushed at the time I made them. I changed the ones that were discussed in the lore to match their histories and kind of just filled in the blanks according to the persistent themes.

A couple real bastard races will be present in the next update. The Imperium is one of them (though they are already in the mod). They are extremely xenophobic as the Imperial Truth preaches that Humanity is the pre-eminent race in the universe. All the other races have failed to amount to much so that means we are the de facto best, apparently. Of course this space age manifest destiny takes the form of them declaring war for no reason other than seething hatred. It also means that they will not hesitate to bombard a worlds population into radioactive ash.

I also made the Lacrymole the spying race with 5 extra agents and a 70% bonus to spying. Lorewise these guys were shapeshifting vampires so I made them prone to making people slaves and if that's not possible just bombarding their worlds.

The Scythians are another ruthless race that struck me as space ninjas for some reason. They will use any strategy or tactic as long as it works, which includes planetary destruction and bombardment.

Finally, the Quietude, a race of human cyborgs who are more machine than man, are almost the same as the Imperium in that they see themselves as the rightful rulers of the galaxy and will casually snuff out anyone who steps on their toes.

EDIT: The Orks are in consideration for a bastard race, however, since they are mostly interested in WAAAAAGHHH and bombardments tend to be short affairs I am hesitant.

These are just the bastard races, so named because of their tendency to be real SOB's. They will make small fleets and send them on missions to bombard worlds. By the time your fleet arrives the world will be dead. Fighting these guys will be a lot more difficult than fighting any other race, in my opinion, as you will have to have any colony you are not prepared to sacrifice be heavily defended. Also note that bombard weapons are buffed. So when I say the world will be dead before you can muster your fleets I mean it. Don't just count on sector defense. Make it system to be safe.

If anyone wants to submit anything else for the next update or has any other suggestions now is your chance, as I will be finalizing it today and then doing some playtesting.

necaradan666 -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/26/2014 10:30:19 PM)

Sounds awesome, everyone in that far future are basically bastards though, the rest are usually dead already. Like that friendly alien race first to encounter the imperium, they learned quick haha.

Haha I guess the emperor would look a little mongo, he was born in caveman days or something. That about.png is only used on the theme change screen as far as I know so should be safe to use there without bad scaling, but any image would do, there are so many to pick from.

I didn't think about the mechanics too much when I found the imperial ships names but I suppose you're right. Hope they add the ability to have custom shipNames per race in some future patch.

As to being set in the 30k great crusade era I believe the galaxy was already explored by the emperor and his dudes before the warp storms cut everyone off from each other, theoretically as a result of human expansion over the entire galaxy and their increasing psychic influence, leaving them in a isolated age where they variously became culturally corrupted or just plain forgot the imperial truth over hundreds of years. After the storms eased the great crusade was begun to reunite the long lost human worlds. Not trying to convince you to change your mod or anything just thought that was a cool story bro.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/26/2014 10:56:06 PM)

Oh ****, your right, the explorators from Mars and the rogue traders were the forward scouts so they would have named those systems and probably even mapped them (which I can do to an extent). Plus the diaspora of people would have given names to systems as well. Good catch.

As far as the Imperial Truth already being there though, the Emporer didn't come forward to the public until near the end of the age of strife when he used the early Astartes, "Thunder Warriors", to conquer Terra. He then pulled a dick move and wiped them all out to make way for the Astartes, which were inferior combat wise but were better in most other regards. Then he went on to conquer Luna using the Luna Wolves, named because the surrender transmission from Luna was along the lines of "tell your emporer to call off his dogs". From there he went to Mars and convinced the Mechanicus that he was the Omnissiah (some physical embodiment of the Machine God) and so easily won over that planet. After that the orbitals and colonies on the moons of the gas giants were the next targets.

To me after the unification of Sol is when the crusade really picks up and gains a lot of momentum, so that's where I am starting the scenario. So far during playtests I am finding things to be entirely too easy, so I may be giving some other races like the Orks, Interex, Kinebranch and some other races noted to have small empires multiple systems at the start.

However, I now find myself wondering if a campaign that starts with the Sol system would be fun on its own. Have players conquer hostile factions on Luna and the moons of the gas giants and have Mars as an ally. It would make more sense for players like me who use shadows starts, thats for sure.

ponasozis -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/29/2014 8:47:24 PM)

anybody cares to uplaud real flags for factions
etc Imperial flag for Imperium ork skull face for orks
also orks should be divided into few factions
oh and all ork factions should be extremely reckless except the one which would be cautious its the trader one faction
btw i think its better for imperium infantry to be imperial guard armored to be imperial guard mechanised units baneblades leman russ titans you name it and special forces as astartes (vindictor assasins overrated)

you can add button sounds back it because they can now be disabled in options
race avatar for imperium is worst thing in this mod i changed it immediately to something better i suggest you do it too
and i also believe its best to lower the speed of all warp drives a little bit and is it possible to make ships go slower when traveling trough nebula or gas clouds they could represent partially warp storms or something simialiar

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/30/2014 1:07:28 AM)

Here is v.3 - the Orky update. In addition to giving the Orks a more appropriate make over I have improved a good deal of the minor races and done so according to the lore. I have also balanced some things and altered/added some artwork. I am holding off on the scenario until I can get it right.

The mod will be attached to the OP as well as here:

V.3 changelog
-fixed some spelling errors
-gave diasporex the star burner
-fixed up colonization tech stuff so its not as shabby
-made some resources much less prevalent on asteroids
-balanced major races better
-improved the following minor races and made them fit lore better
-Ghassulian, Kehletai, Laer, Hrud, Lacrymole, Auretian, Scythian, Interex, Jorgall
-cut the uranium cost of reactors by 60% at least. it was way too high
-gave racial policies to the most aggressive races that include routine bombardment among other more appropriate behaviors
-added about image/txt
-altered the Imperial ship images
-added better troop images and flag designs courtesy of theniceshakturi
-added racial victory for Imperium
-colored some stuff green on messages
-added some music befitting the setting

scouseern -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/30/2014 6:21:47 PM)

Big fan of this MOD and the WH40K universe, if you need any help PM me.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/30/2014 8:51:00 PM)

scouseern - Always good to see WH fans around. Thanks for the support!

ponasozis - Orks are going to get a government that predisposes them to splitting up a lot. Other than that I'm not adding more than one Ork race just to simulate their volatile forms of governance that inevitably result in a fractured society. However, you make a good point so I will add more than one Ork empire to the scenario. As I have said before reckless in this game means they wouldn't build as much of a military which is absurd for Orks as their entire society revolves around warfare.

Never heard of a trader Ork faction, could you link me some info? Imperial infantry is Imperial Guard. Astartes were set to special forces at one point but special forces have a completely different function in this game from normal combat troops so they weren't being used as they should. I set them to armor so they work as they should (heavily armored and armed frontline invasion forces and shock troops). I don't use Vindicator assassins for special forces, I use Eversor ( ), which are much more effective than Vindicators.

The only way I would lower warp speed is in a custom version of the mod designed for a scenario in Ositos realistic galaxy map. Modders do not have the ability to selectively alter warp speeds (move slower through a gas cloud, etc).

Better flags will be added as they are provided. The quality of art is subjective so no one will ever be happy with everything; I'm just picking stuff that looks good at the resolutions I am forced to use. Link me the picture you are using, please.

Glymner -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/30/2014 11:24:29 PM)

The Bad Moonz are the richest orks since they grow teeth faster, but I don't think that ork teeth are accepted as currency with none but orks.

The Blood Axes are considered unorky and trade with humans for weapons. They use tactics as well which is seen as very unorky :P

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (6/30/2014 11:49:45 PM)

Yeah lol, I made it so the Orks are incapable of sending another race a gift, but they still make the attempt at offering them some teef which always equates to 0 credits. I can imagine them spilling out a huge sack of teeth in the presence of some prim and proper diplomat who is both disgusted and horrified.

I'm going to have to read about the Blood Moons. They sound very un-Orky indeed.

necaradan666 -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/1/2014 1:40:38 AM)

These ones are available in the kitchen sink image repository someone posted.


Phocian -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/1/2014 10:52:53 PM)

Hi Mensrea,
I was working on my own Warhammer Great Crusade era mod about a year ago.
I have used the same ship art as you and also have what I thought was good army icons ( Imperial Guard, Space Marines as armoured troops and Terminators as Special Forces), Ork, Elder and a few others including the species Megarachnid for the planet Murder.
Also as Army Generals I used pictures of the primarchs, to appear in Lore order of when they were discovered.
If these can be of use let me know.

I love what you have done so far and would be happy to help with graphics.


mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/1/2014 11:17:01 PM)

I will gladly take anything and everything you have to contribute and make sure you get proper credit for it.

Terminators do sound like a good idea for special forces...I may have to rethink the assassins.

I really wanted to include the Megarachinds as the whole story seemed interesting. At one point I had the racial profile and picture set up and everything, but because they were left stranded on Murder I left them out. Although since they could build those giant weather towers I imagine they could easily become spacefaring again, especially if the Interex were occupied with the Imperium (or there was some heresy).

I have had doubts about using the Hrud and Stryxis as races so I could replace one of them with the giant spider peoples.

I have also wanted to add the primarchs but I didn't want them getting assassinated or something. I would potentially add Russ, Lion el, Dorn and Corax if I could make sure they went Imperial and didn't die.

Please send me what you have so far and feel free to weigh in and contribute whatever you wish. I am happy to have someone who has knowledge about the lore of that period around and especially happy to have an artist.

Phocian -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/1/2014 11:35:25 PM)

Sure I will put them in a file for you later tonight GMT timezone.
With the Primarchs, I had some interesting events by random chance, such as Horus becoming leader after a civil war!
I don't know enough about the modding to fix the events for the Primarchs, but the random aspect of them dying was kinda fun as it gave a rpg reason to declare war due to honour even when it may not have been sensible to do so.

Phocian -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/2/2014 4:21:56 PM)

File links sent to you Mensrea.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/2/2014 8:50:48 PM)

So this weekend I plan to release the next update - the Eldar update. In addition to fleshing out the Eldar a lot more this one will contain the rest of the material that has been contributed. I will also be introducing my government overhaul and some improvements to the other major races.

I have a problem though. I am now at the point where I am ready to start looking at the tech tree and I just cannot decide what to do. What I really want is to basically have custom weapon research lines for each major race and have the minor races just use generic stuff (vanilla tech tree with names changed). I have been reviewing fleet info for the Imperium, Eldar and Orks and noticed some things.

-their energy weapons are basically lumped together and collectively referred to as las weapons (particle beams), melta weapons (controlled beams of extremely hot substances), and plasma weapons (plasma propelled with magnetic forces)
-there really doesn't seem to be any difference between torpedoes and missiles
-projectile weapons are also generally lumped together and may be as diverse as propellant based cannons to coil guns to weapons that use gravity pulses. they are all referred to as projectiles, basically
-weapons that create mini black holes or use the warp to tear things apart by plunging bits of them into another dimension

The theme that is starting to emerge is that races mainly have different means of using these 4 types of weapons. With this in mind should I make every race rely on the same generic weapons tech tree? I'm leaning towards that currently, but I also want to add several unique racial techs. For instance, so far the Imperium has been given virus bombs (incredible bombardment powers) and the astartes program (makes their armored units incredibly powerful but I am lowering the overall troop strength). The Orks have been given a unique tech that gives them access to the largest ships right off the bat (space hulk reclamation). I want to give the Orks very cheap and effective missiles as well but haven't yet decided. The only thing I know about the Eldar so far is that I want to give them a unique beam weapon that is better than the generic versions as they do specialize in those sorts of weapons.

Please give me some specific ideas about what you as players and WH40k fans would like to see as some unique racial techs. If your not sure how modding works that's fine because I can still try to work with the idea and make it fit in somehow.

Finally, I will be using the new research path modding feature to optimize the research paths of the majors. I will also be making it so they rely mostly on cruisers and capitol ships as a discussion in another thread has made me realize that not only are smaller ships less efficient but potentially generate more lag as well (and so its important to try and limit the use of them in favor of large ships).

Really the only case that I could see small ships being effective is with guerilla warfare type situations. Tremendous numbers of them could harass mining outposts and bombard colonies without risk of losing or tying up large ships. In that case I may make a couple races build small ships that use lots of missiles and bombard weapons.

Imperius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/2/2014 9:18:29 PM)

Small ships are good if they're extremely fast, and have very long range weapons. The only thing good about small ships really, is their greater speed as far as I see it. Eldar for example could make use of some of these designs.

Also, I think Dark Eldar would fit very well as a pirate faction or three once you get around to making a scenario map!

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/2/2014 9:57:17 PM)

Yeah I added the dark Eldar as a pirate race after someone suggested it (was it you?). I'm not sure about adding pirates to the scenario, though, as I personally really despise pirates. They will probably get left out of the first version of the scenario but get placed in a forked version later, as I can see that a lot of people do like having them to compete with.

On the technology issue I was thinking about things more and will probably add wraithbone armor as an Eldar tech. I will likely give the Imperials void shields as was suggested and take the ultradense fuel cells away from them as well.

Vargius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/2/2014 10:57:36 PM)

Eldars should have a special engine tech as their ships are insanely fast (can move both during its own turn and the opponents in BFG). They also have holoshields (Could be an ECM tech) where they have a 50% chance of doing a save if I remember correctly. They have almost no armour and their ships are very fragile. Their Fighters and Bombers are very good.

The Imperials rely mainly on projectile weapons and torpedoes. The torpedoes have very little guidance and this could be the way to differentiate them from missile weapons. Basically just make them miss a lot (like rail guns do already).
They have very good armour and they have a special weapon called the Nova Cannon, which is a long range high damage weapon with a low rate of fire. Their ships are very slow.

Chaos rely a lot on Lance weapons and projectile to a certain degree. Their ships are usually around 10-20% faster than the Imperials. They use very little torpedoes but when they do they are the same as the Imperials. They have poor leadership compared to the Imperials.

Orks rely on projectile weapons and have a special projectile weapon called "Heavy Gunz" or somesuch (Been a long while since last I played), which negates armour. They are also fans of ramming and they have to roll how much firepower they get every turn, but I suppose that could be hard to represent in game. Their ships are generally slow.

I wonder if it's possible to make the point defences target torpedoes. It's a big part of BFG gameplay when you play as the Imperials.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/2/2014 11:17:01 PM)

I will give the Eldar special engines then, rule out the wraithbone armor thing, give them a special ECM, and give them some unique fighters and bombers. I can do all that.

Sadly I cant make point defenses target torpedoes or make torpedoes miss like railguns.

I will give the Imperium some special armor and the Nova cannon. I could also cut them off from accessing engine tech beyond a certain point as well, but I want feedback from people on that.

I can cut the Orks engine tech progression off, too. I can also limit their access to lasers. What this game would really need for Orks is a system that uses ranges of damage. For instance, almost everything Orky should be 1-100 or something, as they have such a high rate of failure but can also succeed wildly. The Heavy Gunz sounds like it would make a cool unique rail gun, so that's going in too. I cant make them ram people but I can make them emphasize ship boarding actions, which I will do.

Regarding the torpedoes...I am considering just removing them. First off they have no basis in the lore, really. Secondly, I could just add short range missiles that are the same but don't need uranium to be built. To me it makes sense to have the missiles we have now, which have very long range and good bombard damage, alongside some short range missiles that fire faster and don't cost uranium.

EDIT: Phocian has contributed a lot of new media to the project and has given the soundtrack a huge boost. The mod is now of a respectable filesize!
Thanks man!

EDIT AGAIN: Actually, I can give the Orks a special boarding system, so I will be doing that as well.

Vargius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/3/2014 7:22:27 AM)

I fully understand that we can't make torpedoes targetable by PDS, but I wouldn't go so far as to cut them out entirely. I seem to remember that the torpedoes already in game miss a lot?

Vargius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/3/2014 3:16:30 PM)

Also, this might come in handy.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/3/2014 5:21:52 PM)

I'm not sure if torpedoes miss a lot, but I definitely won't cut anything out of the game without reaching some kind of consensus with you guys, so no worries there.

Yeah that was the first article I looked at, but it was on the lexicanum site because I like the gray background.

I got all the new technologies for the majors in last night and it really does make the mod seem more professional as I'm not just leeching off matrix's tree entirely. It was actually kind of fun as far as modding goes so I may yet make even more changes to things and perhaps add some more techs for minor races. Vargius, thanks for your suggestions as they helped me make up my mind. I'm glad to say that I managed to make all of your suggestions into techs, so if you have any others let me know. Just keep in mind that this is set in the great crusade period, so that rules out the Tau, the Necrons and the Tyranids, among some others.

Imperius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/4/2014 8:55:00 AM)

I was actually wondering if it's possible to somehow mod in the "Craftworld" Eldar as a new race.

At least for when you create the main starting scenario/map.

Basically mod them as a pirate faction with a huge starbase with the name of the proper "Craftworld" with a unique image that looks like a ship instead of a base, and give them some super-advanced techs in the galaxy editor and make the base/craftworld with that, and then take it away again before saving the scenario. That is - give them all level 7 or so techs, wait a few days for them to update their starbase/large spaceport designs, then place it in-game, and take away the techs again. I think it'll add a fun element to the campaign; you're right, pirates tend to be just an annoyance, but gathering ships for an assault on an Eldar Craftworld with super advanced tech sounds like fun!

Also, when you release v4 with the new techs, I'll do another playthrough as the Imperium on hard/aggressive, and let you know what I find.

Once again, great work, keep it up!

Vargius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/4/2014 12:23:38 PM)

Craftworlds are as bis as a small planet. So a workaround could be to have those instead of the Planetkiller, and not have any unfinished planetkillers around. A possible problem with this solution is that they would use it to attack, something the Eldar would never do. But having it as a base is no good either as it should be able to move around. Or maybe it could be a resupply ship, though I am unsure how the AI uses them (if they do at all). Mine tend to just sit around doing nothing so I imagine the AIs do too.

Great work so far mensrea. Its truly impressive. Its funny, I've played my fair share of 4x space games and most of them have started a 40K\BFG mod of some kind. Few finish their work or release a playable version at all. It's good to finally be able to play a 4x game using this theme and it's truly a wonder why Games Workshop hasn't contacted you yet. They tend to be a pain in the behind when it comes to Copyright infringements. Many a mod has fallen because of that. Let's hope this slips under the radar.

Imperius -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/4/2014 1:02:39 PM)

I like the idea of planet killer = craftworld, if it's possible to implement.

Changing the image should be relatively easy, and they can't be built or upgraded, which is another huge plus.

Whether or not their components can be changed in the scenario editor I guess requires that you start the scenario game/map as Eldar.

The issue would be whether or not the AI would try to still use them as planet killers, even if they don't have the death ray thingy...

Supply ships are another very do-able option, but as an Eldar Fan, I'd like to try the pirate faction playthrough as an Eldar Craftworld faction :D

I never tried playing as pirates before, but I'd so do it if I could be an Eldar!

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/5/2014 10:22:07 PM)

Well, as far as the the AI behaving uncharacteristically as craftworld Eldar I could try to mess with some things to make them less aggressive.

I could also add a truly massive ship that lacks super lasers and travels relatively slowly compared to most hyperdrive techs. My only concern is whether or not the craftworld Eldar were anywhere near this part of space during this period.

Right now I am finalizing my work on governments. Techs are in, exodite Eldar are revamped, new music is in and new art too. I will probably have the update posted later tomorrow.

Thanks for the support and let us all pray to the Emporer/gods of Chaos/etc that GW doesn't shut us down. It sounds absurd because this all amounts to free publicity but I have heard some pretty strange stuff about them defending their IP tooth and nail against the pettiest infringements.

ponasozis -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/6/2014 11:02:37 AM)

you could add dark eldar as pirate race
alternatively you could add lots of pirate factions in The Koronus Expanse area of galaxy also add lots of unexplored ruins and some independant colonies like Zayth but all Koronus Expanse should be surrounded by nebulas and other space anomalies basically make it extremely dangerous area of galaxy but exploration might be worth it
this is off course for scenario map

Sindri -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (7/6/2014 6:19:49 PM)

I feel motivated after playing this mod for the last couple of hours to do something in W40k/Dark Heresy etc. setting now :) I've been learning how to make mods during the last week based on DW Extended and my head is full of ideas how to modify tech tree for each race etc. It's a lot of modding but I'll try to make a W40k: Dawn of War races + techs/components for each race during my holidays next week.

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