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Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (2/17/2016 8:03:49 PM)

discovered this MOD some minutes ago: another masterpiece in the DW:U universe !!!

it seem that from now onwards I will only play this in my life.. [8D]

Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (2/18/2016 4:54:04 AM)

I've been asked by several people for a copy of this mod, so here it is:

WH40K 12.0

This is the last public release, v 12.0 which I believe does not include the GEM mod addon.

WH40K 12.1

This is a private release that Mensrea sent me to beta test. It does contain the GEM mod addon, and some additional content but is less stable than the version above. Note that CTDs have been prevalent since version 10.

-Repost so on last page-

XenoTheMorph -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (3/27/2016 7:15:15 PM)

Well I was interested in this Mod and did some searching and a working unstable/dev v13 link was found on the steam forums (as well as a live v10 link that seems to be missing in the opening post), it looks like it also has the needed dev notes to allow someone to continue if they want though!
It looks like the original author responded in Jan (this year!) to a comment on an old v10 posting there and found his old dev version to put up online.

Unfortunately as a new & 1st time posted I can't post the links (I REALLY tried to obfuscate them but that wouldn't work) so here is how to find it via google (someone please post with the actual links! [;)])

Search for WH40k mod v.13 it should be the top result 'Warhammer 40k Distant Worlds Mod - Steam Community'

(Edit: oh and if you post the steamcommunity link get it when your viewing the 6th page of comments as that has the importent comment from the author)

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (3/27/2016 7:28:26 PM)

this should be the link XenoTheMorph asked for above:

Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (3/27/2016 9:25:11 PM)

Awesome job finding this Xeno, I honestly thought he had died lol

tofudog -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (12/25/2016 9:56:54 AM)

So, any news?

Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (12/28/2016 12:45:31 AM)

Mod is dead, last version available via that steam forum link.

tofudog -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (12/28/2016 2:56:53 PM)

Too bad. Such is life though.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (12/14/2017 2:28:29 PM)

Since I'm still getting emails about this mod having dead links despite the steam thread I decided to edit the OP to include both v.10 (possibly stable but with fewer features) and v.13. To clarify and reiterate what I said in the steam thread, I dropped development of the mod on account of it having performance issues that I couldn't diagnose. Somewhere along the way I broke something, but since it was just a CTD I had no way of figuring out what it was. The process of removing things -> testing would have been too daunting given the volume of data I had added, so I walked away to work on other projects.

Anyone who wishes to resume development is welcome to do so. Consider this my permission, you don't need to contact me. V.13 in the OP contains all my dev notes and plans for the future.

If I had to guess I would figure that the crashes are caused by memory requirements being exceeded. For that to be fixed everything would have to be scaled back: fewer ships, fewer stations, and a restoration of vanilla commercial mechanics. As I found with the gold resource there are some things that can technically be modded in this game but in actuality making alterations to them causes fatal errors. There really is a delicate balance and if you attempt to upset it you cause cascading failures, as I seemingly did by attempting to optimize economic activity. In conclusion, I really don't think the engine was intended to be used for a mod that changed so much. I was extremely naive to try to push it in any radical direction, regardless of what it said on the tin, but I suppose that's hindsight.

Hot damn though, I had some great games before they crashed!

tofudog -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (12/16/2017 12:44:01 PM)

I understand your decision, though I would have liked another outcome (Didn't we all!).
I also appreciate that you made the effort to explain what happened. In the spirit of rather failing ambitiously, than succeeding mediocrely this mod stands alongside Master of Orion III then.
Hats off to you ([&o]) and happy moddding.
If you like to wrangle a cranky engine I can warmly recommend Polaris Sector.

Bloodly -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (5/20/2018 6:42:22 AM)

Huh. Quite a bit changed from version 0.12. Heavy Frame as damage reduction(Takes lots of space, but lot of damage reduction. No repair component), Powered Armour as an armour type(Takes much energy, but is somewhere between Passive Armour and Reactive armour). I mean, you still want to steal Nanite Repair because Necrodermis is still massively powerful and the Nano-Repair is still really good basically forever.

I have a love/hate thing with the Laer. The AI never uses them well, but they have so many advantages it's terrifying. Warped Plasma Charge so they can enforce their will in space. Cloning Mastery so they can pump out ever-better troops. +100% development for Water(Which is really common) so they can ignore quality for those planets. Super-massive Construction so their ships can have whatever they need or want stuck on them. Probably lots of engines, of course(Unless you grab Exotic Engines). Barracks over Troop Compartment so they can bring plenty of troops over.

gonderlane -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (1/4/2019 1:48:09 AM)

I believe all the v.13 links are the dead. Only the links posted by Capshades seems to work. All other dropbox links are dead.

rjord1 -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (1/4/2019 9:30:04 AM)


Just to let you know that I am going to pick up continuing development of this mod where mensrea left off.

A little over a year ago mensrea expressed his frustration at the mod crashing and yes it can be diffacult to try and work out why the mod is crashing. Luckily I have plenty of experience fixing issues with DWU mods so I am going to have a look at Warhammer 40K, see what the state of the mod is and fix it.

Then look at expanding the mod using the notes from mensrea.

And yes... I do have my hands on V13 of this mod so ......

The Good News is : Warhammer 40K is not a dead mod!


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 10:00:16 AM)

Version 14 Patch in development


I have had a look at the mod and there are several issues that need to be fixed.

There is one error I can see that may explain the issues with the mod crashing..... this involves the race known as the Quietude.

If the Quietude are one of the races to be randomly picked to appear in the game it is possible that the mod will crash.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 10:21:23 AM)

Version 14 Patch in development

As I have identified a number of issues with V13 of the mod I will work on fixing them and do some testing to see if the mod crashes.

If you have had issues with the mod can you please list them below.

Once I have Warhammer 40,000 (V14) finalized I will make it available for download.
Then we can look at expanding it further.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 10:58:33 AM)

Version 14 Patch in development

One easy bug to fix is the one shown below for Condition5Proportion.

The value of 0 is correct but it needs to appear as ;0 not 0

Fix will appear in V14.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 11:27:15 AM)

Version 14 Patch in development

It is very easy to make a typo while modding Distant Worlds Universe.

One thing to keep an eye on is if text is upper case or lower case.
In the picture below you can see all the other rows have text with a Capital first letter.

However anarchy is the exception and when DWU goes from the Government Bias file as below and goes to to the Government file itself it looks for anarchy but does not find it as all it finds is Anarchy and that is not a match.

So if you mod, keep and eye on your capitals or small letters.
This bug may also have caused issues in the mod.

Now fixed in Version 14.

There are a large number of issues i have to look at with this mod and will go through them one by one over the next few days.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 11:41:40 AM)

Version 14 Patch in development

Once I have the serious bugs out the way I will release Version 14 of the mod over the coming days.

I will need people to test it and let me know of any issues they find.

Keep an eye out here as I will release Version 14 as soon as I have fixed a majority of the bugs.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 4:18:12 PM)

Version 14 Patch in development

Another issue was with the race known as Ghassulia.
This caused a number of problems as some files referred to them as Ghassulia while other files called them Ghassulian with an N on the end.
Fixed in Version 14.

An issue was also found with the policies for all races.
The folder was named Policies with a capital R and Distat World Universe did not like it.
Fixed in Version 14.


rjord1 -> RE: Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 4:48:14 PM)

Version 14 Patch in development

I updated the logo used by mensrea and the mod picture now refers to this as Warhammer 40,000 instead of Warhammer 30,000

Also updated the logo font to a sharper font.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch in development) (1/4/2019 5:22:28 PM)

Version 14 of Warhammer 40,000 is being uploaded and will be available for download in about 30 minutes.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/4/2019 6:06:31 PM)

Version 14 of Warhammer 40,000 is now available for download.
Please note that I am considering this a beta version of the mod and there may still be issues.

I am looking for testers to give it a good workout and let me know in the forum below any issues you are picking up.

Version 14 can be downloaded from here:

Edit: I updated the link above to Dropbox. If it does not work please use my Onedrive Link listed in my next post below.


RogerRogertheDodger -> RE: Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/4/2019 6:59:56 PM)

I will try to download it over the weekend and give it spin.


gonderlane -> RE: Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/4/2019 9:19:01 PM)

Wow. I came back expecting just a few download links but I certainly didn't expect someone to pick up after mensrea. Thank you so much, this is one of my favorite mods for the only game that can probably portray the true scale of 40k. Good luck to you rjord1.

Edit: Seems like the dropbox link is broken, it tells me the file doesn't exist. The link doesn't seem to be a proper dropbox download link though, did you properly upload it?

rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/5/2019 12:45:53 AM)

Not sure what is happening with Dropbox.

I have updated the Dropbox link but if it does not work please use my Onedrive link below:!AgNg3YuwkZJPg_dI9Du4ResYRmfKbA


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/5/2019 6:19:47 AM)

Warhammer 40k Version 14 Beta Released

While you guys test Version 14 of Warhammer 40K, I have already started work on Version 15 fixing some more things in the mod. The next version will be released sometime in the next 7 days and will hopefully be a stable version of the mod.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/5/2019 7:15:16 AM)

Warhammer 40k Version 14 Beta Released

After reading some of the notes about what happened between Versions 10 and 11 of the mod being released I would love to get my hands on Version 10 now as I believe there is some interesting work in there that was removed from Version 11.

So this is a callout to anyone who may happen to have Version 10 of Warhammer 40K lying about to please let me know.


rjord1 -> RE: Warhammer 40k (V14 Patch now released for testing) (1/5/2019 9:41:43 AM)

Warhammer 40k Version 14 Beta Released

I may push out a patch update in the next day or so to fix some issues I have discovered which I am not sure how Distant Worlds Universe would handle.

For example, the lacrymole shown in the picture below has a bug in the characters file where the optional name of the race for the characters has been entered as Insectoid.

Insectoid is not in the race file so this field should be blank..... as I have done.

Another fix was to add different dialog to the races in the mod. Originally only 9 races had dialog so not sure what Distant Worlds would do when you communicate with a race with no dialog.

I have also fixed up the policy files and added policy files for pirates for each race.

The patch will be released in next 48 hours as Version 14.1


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14.1 Patch now released for testing).1 (1/5/2019 2:52:42 PM)

Warhammer 40k Version 14.1 Patch Released

The link above is the latest release for Warhammer fixing a number of issues with policies, dialog, characters, design templates and race information.

To install download the file, open the zip file and copy the contents to where you have installed Warhammer 40,000.


rjord1 -> Warhammer 40k (V14.1 Patch now released for testing) (1/5/2019 3:24:30 PM)

I am considering adding more disease and plague to the mod in a future update.

There are a lot more that could be added.
Please look at the following and let me know if you think any of these should be added to the mod.

Agent Magenta (bio-toxin)
Glass Plague
Mortlock’s Disease
Obliterator Virus
Tears of the Dragon
The Daemon Plague
Walking Pox


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