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mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (9/30/2014 8:22:04 PM)

I do know that they are triggered by exploring certain sites, though I thought those sites were pre-generated or were triggered by discoveries on planets. It sounds like something may have changed and random ships are just appearing, but who knows. I really need info on the developer regarding this so I think I will make a request for information post.

What version was this game started on?

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/1/2014 3:56:31 AM)

I have now tested adding researchable viruses. I followed both the manual and the examples in "The Ancient Galaxy" theme. It just doesn't work, which is unfortunate, as I think viral weaponry is a pretty neat addition to the game. There was also a wonder that was able(?) to spawn giant kaltors, but that doesn't do anything as well, regardless of settings. There is one thing left that I would like to try which involves spawning a new empire upon building a wonder. At this rate I doubt it will work.

Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/1/2014 9:05:12 PM), v.11 of the mod



mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/2/2014 1:57:35 AM)

The funny thing is that the Great Crusade did last 200 years, so the game inadvertently got that right. Now if only they had taken half of your forces and planets and turned them against you...

Perhaps in the upcoming DW2 we will see some more modding options that make things like that possible.

Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/2/2014 10:48:55 PM)

What's the trigger that causes colonies to leave your empire when you change government types? Might be able to use something like that. Of course, I don't know how to get them to all join the heresy faction

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/3/2014 1:37:47 AM)

There is a way to dictate how much disruption government changes can cause, but there is no way to make it so that happens when the "Shakturi" appear.

I have completely reworked the opening post and added descriptions for the government types. All info is now up to date.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/4/2014 10:37:46 PM)

Well, I was wrong. It works!


Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/5/2014 3:39:56 AM)


Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/5/2014 3:40:35 AM)

Wait, did you find how to make the shakturi appear at a certain time, or cause colonies to join the heresy?

EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the population. So is it triggered with the giant kaltors or...?

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/5/2014 4:39:01 PM)

If you look in the bottom left corner you can see a red tile. After you research the virus and build the bio-weapon wonder pressing that lets you deploy a virus, via about a dozen Giant Kaltors, at any enemy colony. I'm not sure if I have the virus quite right yet but watching 12 Giant Kaltors rip everything apart is highly amusing.

The virus I have designed is only really supposed to work on Imperials, so I let the AI capture one of my planets so I could test it. Sadly, despite there being Imperials on the planet the virus died out very quickly. That is what its supposed to do if it comes into contact with anyone but Imperials, but for Imperials it should be incredibly deadly and contagious.

I can add three more viruses, I think, and so three more bio-weapon centers as well. At the least those things give you an un-ending supply of Giant Kaltors you can dump on your enemies planets, though I think it does make the entire universe instantly hate you. I want to add an anti-Ork virus next. Tyranids, the Damned and the Eldar are all immune to disease though, so does anyone have any ideas for the remainder of the viruses?

You can also add research that lets you improve (or tone down) a virus. I was thinking maybe add an anti-everything virus. That way if a player is losing they could leave the galaxy with one final grand gesture of pestilence.

Japhet -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/6/2014 12:48:25 AM)

I reworked the Stryxis ui and gave them another ship set. I also finished the Q'orl set. They are insect aliens, mentioned in the xenology novel. Just in case you want another minor race.

Japhet -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/7/2014 9:09:41 PM)

I was quite sucessfull with new troop images for Space Marines (Ultramarines), Imperial Guard, Necrons, Tyranids, Tau and even Eldar Exodites. They are side-view though, but they look great and mix quite well with vanilla troops.

Cyrtis -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/9/2014 2:39:47 AM)

Am I missing something? I mean how am I supposed to build anything but colony ships without a construction yard? I'm referring to the Tyranids, and some other races, who cannot research orbital assembly stuff.

Bloodly -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/9/2014 11:10:39 AM)

I'd be more concerned given the Tyranids don't get a colony module at all. I guess the intent is to always have them be played as 'pirates' rather than 'empire'? But 'Pirate' start gives them...nothing. Not even a start base.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/9/2014 7:12:07 PM)

The Tyranids were supposed to have a special tech line for construction tech but I'm not sure what happened. I think it may have been a "replace all" mistake, or more likely an error when I was alphabetizing race lists. I checked last night and they do have a construction component though, despite not having access to it in the tech tree, which is probably what threw me off during testing because it makes no sense why that would happen. I will release a fix for that soon. Start a normal game with the Tyranids rather than a pirate game and let me know if there is still a construction component in their ship design. There was for me but who knows, it could be different for others.

They do have access to deep space survival, though, a tech line which has a special colony module. Look for "Deep Space Survival Module".

Work has been slow and painful lately. I am finished with military tech pathing and moving on to the rest. This tech pathing stuff is by far the most excruciatingly boring stuff I have done to date, and I really don't know how icemania didn't lose his mind doing this in his mod.

EDIT: Cyrtis, you mentioned other races. Which ones?

joproulx99 -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/9/2014 9:38:50 PM)


This tech pathing stuff is by far the most excruciatingly boring stuff I have done to date, and I really don't know how icemania didn't lose his mind doing this in his mod.

Idk how you do it but here is something i did in a mod of mine, I've put each project's ID with their names, this might look like some work but i think that in less then 30 min its done and it does end up saving me so much time as i only need to look ingame at the tech tree to work my path as i see every project ID from there.Just remove them when the mod is finish for good...

Meanwhile it doesnt prevent palyers playing the mod at all, i mean who cares if you see 121 ''project name'' vs ''project name'' alone. :P

Cyrtis -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/10/2014 4:24:35 AM)

Mensrea- I misspoke. There aren't any other races besides tyranids with this problem that I know of. Also, I tried to start a normal Tyranids game, and there was no construction module that I could find.

Japhet -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/10/2014 8:06:01 PM)

There is a thread about immigration based on reputation and somebody came up with this:


If you don't want them, change your passenger ships to a custom design with just one standard passenger bay and make it very slow with reduced engines, maybe also give it just one fuel tank so it's always out of fuel, and finally give it the slowest warp drive you have. Hmm, I also realized you could give it just one fission reactor so it has no energy, no shield or armor, just the smallest and most tech obsolete design you can have, Then every time one builds, give it away to a pirate gang or another empire

This got me thinking: If there is no way to mod immigration directly (besides between your own colonies), then what about tinkering with the components and passenger ships design templates? At least for races like Tyranids or Necrons. Would such a solution work?

Bloodly -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/11/2014 9:32:59 AM)

An oddity in starts(Tyranid):

Warrior's Legacy starts researched in Shadows, but not in Classic.

Star Fighters starts researched in Shadows, not Classic.

Cyrtis -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/11/2014 3:23:40 PM)

Well, I modded the research folder to allow Tyranids the same construction tech as eldar et all. And, well, they are BEASTS! Literally and figuratively. I had no trouble DOMINATING the galaxy. I love the regenerative hulls and uber expansion capability. I also REALLY like the thematic boon/nerf to construction speed based on planet type. I haven't finished an entire game with them yet, but an hour in, and I am already the dominant superpower.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/12/2014 12:23:11 AM)

Japhet - I could make passenger components prohibitively large or something, or obscenely expensive, or just deny access to them all together. That is a good idea but it needs some testing. You might be on to something. Thanks for the art, by the way. I need to compile a list of all the race changes between 30 and 41k.

Cyrtis - Sometimes I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not, but it sounds like your trying to tell me they are overpowered and need nerfed. What do you mean by uber expansion ability?

Bloodly -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/12/2014 3:17:12 AM)

Their economy basically goes into hyperdrive after grabbing a few planets. Their unique weapon(Though the AI won't really use them in designs, for whatever reason) means they're basically going to be the top dog in offence and defence. At this time, it is hard to tell how much them having basic shielding which they are possibly are not 'meant' to have is skewing the results. Then again, they also probably shouldn't be researching 'normal' reactors, but they must. Fast troop recovery and pop growth is a godsend when dealing with pirate forces. Sadly, to my own eternal shame, the pirates DID manage to take a planet out from under me. On the other hand, I also got Eldar and some other race(I forget) as Subjugated Dominion at one point.

This was a Shadows-era game on Normal without difficulty scaling.

Haven't messed with other races as yet. I expect that all races are similarly crazy.

I REALLY like the 'Consumer Goods/Industrial Goods' mechanic.

Tech overload is perhaps a thing. Finding what you want is hard.

Tried Necrons. I appreciate that Necrons are slow as anything and are meant to be this lumbering, don't care. But -80% colony ship build rate, when colonies are your primary source of income(Given all your other sources are gypped-unlike Tyranids, I'll note) seems very, very harsh, especially as the AI isn't big on invasion. You'll have to force the point personally to get the AI to invade planets.

Using Monarchy as Necrons means you can have the 'monarch changed' event. This also means you can get planetary revolts on monarch change.

I'm noticing the Plasma Whip seems to have horrendous accuracy even WITH AI Targeting. Am I imagining it?

Quietude are Tyranids, but...different. Same government, different bonuses, no unique weapon, same massive expansion potential. No wonder I had such issue taking them out as Tyranids-it was like looking in a mirror. SHODAN as ruler? Huh.

Japhet -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/12/2014 10:13:03 AM)


I could make passenger components prohibitively large or something, or obscenely expensive, or just deny access to them all together. That is a good idea but it needs some testing. You might be on to something. Thanks for the art, by the way. I need to compile a list of all the race changes between 30 and 41k.

The main problem that could come up is that it would hurt your own immigration. I mean, the immigration between your own colonies.

With race changes, do you mean what races would be around in 41k? I think it comes down to this:
Dark Eldar
Lacrymole (propably alive)
Gykon (propably dead)

Cyrtis -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/12/2014 5:13:42 PM)

Bloodly- Thanks for that. Saved me a lot of typing!

Japhet -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/12/2014 6:43:03 PM)

Updated troops. Now with Demiurg, Grotz (yes I was bored), Orks (all major Klans) and Stryxis. I think I have to resize a lot of the troop images at some point, so that there are no size inconsistencies. Some of the orks turned out to be really big in comparrision to other troops.

mensrea -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/13/2014 11:01:49 PM)

Bloodly - Thanks for the straight forward assessment of the situation. I have now nerfed some Tyranid stuff and cut down some of their bonuses to be more in line with what they should be. I maintained the thematic boons and nerfs though, I feel they were appropriate and fair. Seems to me like the primary driving factor behind being good at expansion is build speed but please correct me if I'm wrong.

I liked the industrial and consumer goods mechanic too, so I added military goods and medical goods as well, and incorporated them into racial resource bonuses where applicable.

The Necrons, or Newcrons as someone noted, have changed considerably in the official lore. Where as before they were mindless automatons now they have some semblance of their original soul restored and so are capable of things like favoring one ruler over another and so on. I did boost some of there trade values to reflect this though, as that seems appropriate. I will likely cut the 80% to 50% and see how that works in addition to the economic boosts. Keep in mind though that in many cases its impossible to nudge the AI in the right direction, so most races are balanced according to how OP they are when used by the player.

I'm not sure why it seems the particle whip is inaccurate. There really is no way to make things in the game accurate unless they are classified as phasers, which gain a small bonus to accuracy. I can do that and see if it helps.

I actually nerfed the quietude a week or so ago while playing against them in a test game. I felt that they were entirely too powerful for a minor race. I wanted to make them significant because according to lore they were the one race that could have really competed with the Imperium for deciding what direction humanity went in. They were augmented cybernetically from birth and even went so far as to have their face replaced by holograms over a mechanical shell. I always appreciated SHODAN as a villain and I figured she would be perfect as a representative for cybernetic humans, whom she may or may not control with total authority through a hive-mind like system.

Japhet - Those troop images are fantastic. Did you make those yourself? I especially liked the Stryxis..very accurate. The Orks being big sounds about right though, especially if they are Nobz.

All - I have done significant balancing and fixes and completed the military tech pathing. I kind of want to wait until I'm fully done with balancing and tech pathing before I release another version but I can release what I have so far if you guys want to check it out. Just let me know what you think.

Japhet -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/13/2014 11:35:36 PM)

Sadly no, I didn't. I'm not a sprite artist (or an artist in general). The demiurg are the closest to original art, almost all other stuff are sprites from mods from other games that I recolored and mashed together with down scaled official art and vanilla sprites.Another useful source has been papercraft. There seems to be a rather large group of 40K players that can't or don't want to affort the plastic miniatures, so they use paper models. The ork vehicles are all papercraft stuff. The Stryxis are actually Skaven sprites from a Dominions 4 mod (just like the megarachnids) that I modified.

I was actually surprised how far I came with my limited skills, for example I didn't expected to do something for the exodites. However, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Chaos and Hrud (!) troops will be tough. I have stuff that can be used (a lot of Daemon sprites for example) but it's not exactly what I was looking for, so it will take some time until they get something.

Bloodly -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/14/2014 3:22:09 AM)

You've probably heard this before; Be careful when applying boosts or (Especially)penalties to Tourism and Trade, because it's not just external stuff you're affecting, it's internal as well.

Capshades -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/14/2014 8:08:56 AM)

Personally I'm fine with waiting for a more finished mod.

I also think nerfing the Quietude is a really good idea, they seem to be always in the top three in any game I play with them. I haven't played the Necrons, but I have played against them. They expand so slowly that having them start on one planet almost neutralizes them from the start. However, if you start with them having multiple planets (like they should have, I think,) they can become one of the hardest threats to deal with.

The Tyranids I feel should really be like the shakturi were in vanilla SW:U. No one really knows what they are until they unleash hell. That's why I would argue against increasing colonization speed. They should have massive military capability and a strong economy to support it, but little expansion capability (to represent the scorched earth policy the hive mind seemed to have.)

I also would argue against adding even more resources to the game. More resources means more economic complexity, meaning more shortages and micromanaging. W40k is about death, doom, and destruction, not bean counting right?

Bloodly -> RE: Warhammer 40k DW:U Mod (10/14/2014 8:16:30 AM)

It's a universe where worlds get lost due to accounting errors. Lunatic economy(Good and bad) is part of the setting. More resources based off planet development can potentially mean more self-sufficient colonies(As the resources they need are being generated by the colony itself).


(to represent the scorched earth policy the hive mind seemed to have.)

It isn't 'scorched earth'. That employs destruction such that no one can use it.

They eat the planet and move on. The materials taken make more Tyranids. They can eat/exploit pretty much anything, and do it dammably fast. Think Borg with added planet destruct. Theoretically the planets should be turning Barren or even into Asteroid Belts. But that would be BS for multiple reasons.

Either a hint or a balance issue: not being able to research something does not mean you can't steal it or trade for it.

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