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imdahman -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.3.3 (6/8/2014 1:24:17 AM)

Quick question: Is this separate from Isgard's mod? Or have you basically taken over duties in regard to converting it over to Universe?

tjhkkr -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/8/2014 3:17:09 AM)

Yeah, the troop images are really good; nice job!

gyrospeck -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/8/2014 5:21:10 AM)

imdahman, this mod is now a separate mod from Isgard's mod. All of his work has been converted and most of it is being used. Besides the conversion, I have modified many of his files, added additional work, and added UI/graphic improvements done by community members. I plan to continue support and further improve the mod and the latest few builds have been fully playable and enjoyable. That said, if you find any issues or you have suggestions/comments/feedback, I'd love to hear it.

tjkkkr, thanks; but most of those images were from Isgard's work, so he really deserves the credit.

nvek -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/8/2014 12:17:18 PM)

I released a new patch (1.2) for the HD environment mod (included in this mod), it fixes some of the bugs related to planets that were posted here.

A comment on your latest release notes:
my mod still contains a lot of unneccessary files, I havent gotten around to deleting them yet, they might cause some confusion;
The mapstars can indeed not be modded, the directory mapstars in my mod however contains a replacement for the vanilla blackhole that you see on the mapstars zoom level, I tested it to work.

The nebula's on the starmap zoom level can in fact be modded, but the zoomed in gasclouds cannot.
I modded some of their colors to make them seem to be a part of the new background in my mod, not sure how good they would look with a different background though.

Hope this helps.

vmxa_slith -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/8/2014 5:49:00 PM)

Not a huge Star Trek fan, but do like it. Still I really want to thank you for the work and especially for putting in a download friendly site. I will take it for a spin as soon as I finish my current game, since I am new it will be the first game finished. Having so many of the improvements from some of the other mods, is the biggest feature for me.

So thanks again, hope you keep making improvements and incorporating any fixes others come up with to their parts.

necaradan666 -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/8/2014 8:06:31 PM)

Been making up some landscape replacements for my game, practised with the software a bit by cleaning up yours. They've been resized to a standard and I took the black sidebars off a couple, a few are a little cropped but I think they look ok.

Locarnus -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/8/2014 8:15:26 PM)

StarTrek Universe 1.3.3 seems to be compatible with my DW:U BalanceMod (see signature).

I only did a short test run. But the research.txt, components.txt and facilities.txt (the only files the BalanceMod changes) are the vanilla versions in the StarTrek mod. So they should be fully compatible.

gyrospeck -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.3.4 (6/8/2014 8:51:48 PM)

Thank you necaradan666 for doing that, I appreciate it. I've added your work to the official version (as well as credit).

New in 1.3.4:
Updated planet images (Work by Ra131).
Updated landscape images (Work by necaradan666).

vmxa_slith -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.3.4 (6/8/2014 10:14:52 PM)

Is a full d/l needed for the updates?

gyrospeck -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 3:47:00 AM)

Hello everyone. I finally finished the next version of Star Trek Universe (v1.4). As promised, I have added Star Trek themed resources. If you have suggestions of more fun resources that could work, please let me know.

I am looking into changing component & research names to reflect the Star Trek universe, but I'm hesitant because it will break compatibility with other mods, such as Locarnus Balance mod. I'd like feedback on the desirability of such work.

vmxa, I can do patch updates starting with the next version.

New in 1.4:
Added 19 new Star Trek themed resources.
Added new Galactopedia entries for resources & races.
Updated to HD environments 1.2
Updated weapon effects.
Deleted old help files.

vmxa_slith -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 4:40:51 AM)

Great and thanks.

necaradan666 -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 7:41:28 AM)

Personally I think a Star Trek mod should be a Star Trek mod first and compatible second. For example I deleted Haree78's pirates and replaced the previous images. They are very nice but they have nothing to do with Star Trek and I laughed out loud the first time a Ferengi smuggler tried to extort some gold pressed latinum from me. When I want to see those pirates I just switch to the DW Extended Universe theme.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 7:58:50 AM)

I made an account just so I could post on this thread, because I love this mod so much yet I noticed a couple things that I felt were worth mentioning.

First of all, I haven't actually played the mod yet (crazy I know) but when going through the files and replacing things I didn't like and making sure everything was ideal, I noticed that the HyperDriveEnter sound, towards the second half, gets really choppy and really just terrible. I don't know if it does this ingame, I sure hope not.

Second of all, I laughed when I heard the assaultpod sound being the transporter beam. I am assuming, that the assault pods ingame will still launch. My idea here is that perhaps you could include a replacement animation for the assault pods, and essentially have the animation be nothing? Just to remove the assault pods.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 8:06:32 AM)

Also, what is the ruin_16 image there for? Did you add an extra ruin? As I mentioned in my last post I'm mixing and matching mods, bringing what I like to both of my collections, and I'm unsure whether to transfer this over. Probably not. Either way, curious what this is.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 8:16:34 AM)

The Renegade help file brings up the Quameno help page.

Also, is it a conscious choice for all the Help files to be written in past tense? It feels wrong to me. That's just my opinion though.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 8:24:47 AM)

I guess I should add that one of the things I don't like about this compilation is- no offense- Das's resource icons, and his UI. It all looks- again, no offense- childish. Huge, colorful icons... it's not for me. I get the intention but honestly if someone is going to be installing a Star Trek mod they're probably not a beginner player. I think this compilation should use Sarian's resource icons instead, which is what I'm using.

I guess the same counter-argument can be made that if someone is installing this mod they probably know how to replace the icons should they desire.

Perhaps you shouldn't touch them at all with this mod, and generally make it more compatible in the process. Perhaps recommend both icon mods, but don't include either by default.

Also, doesn't this mod claim to have Star Trek themed resources in the first place? What happened to those?

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 8:51:19 AM)

What happened to Silvermist being replaced with the Crystalline entity? Download didn't come with a Creatures folder.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 9:59:03 AM)

Haa, completely unrelated to the mod but I actually discovered a bug related to this website. The second page of this thread still says "RE: Star Trek Universe v1.3.3"... it didn't update when you changed the thread name. That's pretty funny.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 10:14:05 AM)

Alright... this one is serious. I got a huge error list when attempting to launch the game for the first time. Also, the Cardassian and Zalkonian races aren't working, despite them supposedly being fixed.

I'm going to assume this one is my fault, since I did make a few changes (replacing resource icons etc). I don't see how my changes could have caused this to happen since I pretty much only changed various image files, but I'll redownload the game and not do anything to it and just try to run that and see if it works. Will update.


Alright. I replaced the entire file with the redownloaded one. Same issues.

Let me run through this step by step. First of all I should mention that before downloading this mod in the first place, I previously had attempted to get the older Star Trek mod running, since I had sorted the threads by hits and didn't know this one existed. It of course didn't work and I uninstalled it. Went back to playing Extended normally.

Downloaded this one. Made some image changes as I mentioned before, didn't touch any txt files or any other non image files. Launched the game, theme was set to Extended. Switched it to Star Trek theme, no problems. Clicked New Game, no problems. Got to the race screen, was checking them all out when I got an error for the Zalkonian race. I knew this was a problem with the older version as well (and I'm well aware that you took that mod and converted it and subsequently fixed the problem) so I checked the Cardassian race as well and it didn't work either. Anyway I chose a different race and attempted to start the game and got a huge error window, with lots of out of range index errors. Exact same thing which happened to the older version.

Closed the game, copied the Star Trek file to my desktop, deleted the one from the Customization folder. Redownloaded the mod, put the new folder in the Customization folder, relaunched the game.

The game started up with the Star Trek theme on by default. Clicked new game, no problem. Checked the races, same errors. Didn't attempt to start a game, I backed out to the main menu and changed the theme back to default. Then back to Star Trek. Upon clicking new game again, I got the same error I was getting when trying to view one of those two races. So I closed the game again and now here I am.

I have yet to attempt to relaunch the game where it'll not be in the Star Trek theme by default, I'm going to do that next and switch the theme and see what does or doesn't work. Will update.


Alright, so. Launched the game, theme was default. Switched to Star Trek. Clicked new game, no problems. Those two races didn't work. And game wouldn't start, same error. At this point I don't see how this could be my default, even though I'm assuming other people here aren't having issues... so, I'm at a loss. Any help would be truly and greatly appreciated. For now, I'm going to get some sleep.

Look forward to hearing from you.

necaradan666 -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 2:59:16 PM)

1. Sounds fine to me but I might just be used to it, sure sounds better than the default one though

2. Good idea, I'd still prefer at least some visual indication that a boarding party is being launched but I think using a beam graphic might be confusing with all the tractor and phaser beams firing, or.. perhaps it could use that cone shaped beam effect available in one of the weapon effect compilations I found somewhere in the forum. Don't know how it'll look but I'm going to give it a try right now.

3. Ruin_16 is part of the Ancient Galaxy theme stuff included in this mod.

4. Yep I'm seeing a Quameno help file instead of Renegade

5. Personal taste is very much a factor here. I find nothing childish about Das's icons, I deleted them from the Star Trek theme though because I use them already instead of my base game ui. They're coloured for good reason, to determine in an instant what type of resource they are, more so than Sirians. His white borders on strategics don't do it well enough for me to recognise at a glance and the colony growth strategics aren't differentiated at all. Das's icons are large in the folder so they scale well in the game, they still look normal sized there, while the black backgrounds on Sirians make the resources seem smaller and harder to see. I have the same problem with his components and delete them too actually. Unlike default components which hit the sides of their images Sirians are very much centred inside their squares and on the main screen I can barely tell one from another they end up so small. But all this is besides the point... since he's already got his hands on new images for resources in his Galactopedia files gyro could very well create his own set of resource icons for his Star Trek theme. That would be nice.

6. You must have missed the post where it mentioned that creatures are not moddable from a theme folder. However if you want to change your base game creatures while you play Star Trek mod you can do so, atm instead of default spaceslugs I have that awesome looking blue/red space organism which can be found somewhere in on the forums.

7. Yes it's a bug, I had a few errors with changing theme, cardassians and zalkonians too. It's because he's edited his new resources in and forgot to include an entry for Deneba Crystal. You can fix this yourself if you copy/paste the line for resource_41 from the resource.txt in Ancient Galaxy theme back to the resource.txt in the Star Trek theme. Cardassians and Zalkonians should work now, they did for me.

One suggestion I have to make for the mod is to take another look at the facility images, they look pretty terrible on the drop down list when you're in game.

judahpeter -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 3:12:20 PM)

@ Varlun I was getting errors/crashes also after changing to this theme and starting a new game. You're not alone.

gyrospeck -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 5:02:06 PM)

Wow, thank you all for the wonderful feedback and I apologize for the errors. Thank you necaradan666 for answering peoples questions and figuring the error message out. I'll fix this immediately and release a hot fix.

Varlun, thank you for the detailed error reports. I plan to take a closer look at all of your feedback for the next update. Thank you again.

Edit: The main download link is fixed, so if you are just downloading now, you do not need the hot fix. I also added the requested creatures as a "full conversion add-on" in the main post.

necaradan666 -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 6:55:34 PM)

Haha.. environment is spelled wrong in the about.txt again.

gyrospeck -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 8:18:52 PM)

lol, I must have copied an old version. [;)] Thanks for catching that.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 10:19:03 PM)

Edit: I was wrong.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 10:52:50 PM)

I just had a strange error where, after switching the theme to Star Trek, it was playing both the normal game's music and the Star Trek music.

This hadn't ever happened before, only now after applying the total conversion and hotfix files to the mod file.

A quick restart avoids the problem, since I don't have to switch to the Star Trek theme when it launches with it already.

necaradan666 -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 10:52:53 PM)

You're wrong, read the modding guide, page 15.

SpottedJag96 -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/9/2014 11:07:02 PM)

Been looking forward to this since I bought Universe! I installed all three files (1.4), following the directions (I believe) and I changed the theme. But, I am not seeing any of the new races when I go through game setup. I am doing a custom game, should I be selecting one of the other choices? I have the Steam version and checked to make sure the files are in the right place. Any suggestions?

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek Universe v1.4 (6/9/2014 11:14:44 PM)

Well I'll look more into it and read that page. After finally successfully launching my first game with the Star Trek theme (yay!), I noticed that the slugs were normal slugs. After checking the names of the files, the replacement slugs do indeed have the same filename as the normal slugs, so I don't understand why the game didn't use the ones in the mod folder... well, it's probably explained in that modding guide.

Edit: After checking the modding guide, it is indeed explained there. Heh, ah well.

Varlun -> RE: Star Trek - Picard Era (Universe v1.1) (6/9/2014 11:16:50 PM)

Hmm. Double check that you indeed put the new race images where they're supposed to go, in the mod file. Overwrite the old images. Check the Galactopedia- are they in there? The pictures, the names, the descriptions, is it all normal or is any of it Star Trek?

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