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Hassell -> Question about research and labs (6/4/2014 6:15:42 PM)

I am not clear on the relationship between the number of weapon / energy / high-tech labs in a starport or research station and the research output.

Each lab gives 20 research for that type. So, if i plug in 5 labs the research goes up to 100, 10 labs for 1000, etc.

Q: ignoring maintenance costs, why not build a research base that has like 1000 of each research type? Will that not boost my research output to 3000 and cause my tech to advance much more quickly? in other words, does your research output depend entirely on the number of research labs you have, or is it determined by something else?

Q: another post suggested that having 2 labs of each type allows you to take full advantage of a scientists research bonuses. Is that because you need enough research 'space' to cover the % bonus they have? so a scientist with +25% high-tech research would need 2 high-tech labs to be fully utilized, because labs only provide 20 (lab 1 uses 20% and lab 2 uses 5%). Similarly, a scientist with +25% high-tech and +10% weapons, would need 2 high-tech labs and one weapons lab?

Bingeling -> RE: Question about research and labs (6/4/2014 6:44:11 PM)

The sticky with guides to guides is useful. It links to among other this where the first answer should enlighten you.

Hassell -> RE: Question about research and labs (6/4/2014 9:38:22 PM)

Thank you for that link, i missed that section up top of the forum.

Took a while to read through and figure out as it is not intuitive / illogical.

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