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tbrass -> Expanding Modding to Include. . . (6/3/2014 10:47:39 PM)

Hi Erik & Elliot,

Is there any way to export data on the space creatures so that we could mod 'em?

I would love to have the option of really infrequent, super strong space creatures. Someone else might want a weak silvermist spawning in every sector. Is there any way that we can change creature stats to accomplish this? Also, what about creature images? I could envision a firefly mod where silvermist looked and functioned more like reavers...

Similarly, is there any way we could mod pirate strength? I have never played with anything but strong pirates, and I'd love to see what the galaxy was like with pirates 2x or 4x stronger (is strength measured in tech or 'expansion'? Or something else entirely?)

I don't think any of these values are accessible to modders now, is there any way to export the values so we could play with them?


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