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razorbeetle -> Ships Will not fire (5/31/2014 5:29:01 AM)

Playing a large galaxy.
Ships seem to have stopped attacking even upon direct order.
They simply sit at the target and get shot at.
I restarted the game then computer no luck.
Any help would be great!

Cadune -> RE: Ships Will not fire (5/31/2014 7:02:23 AM)

What 'stance' have you set them to in the design window? Stand off?

elliotg -> RE: Ships Will not fire (5/31/2014 11:45:11 AM)

Hi razorbeetle

Feel free to upload a savegame for us to take a look at. Instructions are here:


elliotg -> RE: Ships Will not fire (5/31/2014 11:45:51 AM)

Another thought: your ships might be out of fuel, and thus out of energy. Therefore they cannot fire their weapons.


razorbeetle -> RE: Ships Will not fire (5/31/2014 4:23:41 PM)

Hey thanks for the response!
I have the stance set to point blank for these ships, but it would appear the issue is that I was out of fuel!
silly me, thanks so much for the quick help!

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