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linrom -> Destroyed air units (5/19/2014 4:09:28 PM)

I have several air squadrons with destroyed parent units for example Hiryu 1. The surviving unit Hiryu 1/2 will not reform, or take replacements. The only available option is to disband the unit, but what is the point? If I disband the unit all the planes will be destroyed?

I could fly the unit, until it attritions itself out?

GreyJoy -> RE: Destroyed air units (5/19/2014 4:11:26 PM)

You need to re-buy the destroyed parent unit.
The fragment can be kept flying but I suggest to empty it from all the quality pilots and use them re-fill the parent unit once it is re-buyed and comes back to life

linrom -> RE: Destroyed air units (5/19/2014 4:23:46 PM)

How do you buy a destroyed unit?

Chris21wen -> RE: Destroyed air units (5/19/2014 4:34:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: linrom

How do you buy a destroyed unit?

Intel screen then a/c losses and click 'List destroyed units' at the bottom

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