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pzgndr -> Some player notes (2/25/2014 7:45:27 PM)

I passed these notes onto Frank Hunter but they didn't get into the manual. Some of these are common sense but a lot had to be learned painfully during playtesting. This game forces players to carefully manage their logistics moreso than most games and it takes a while to get used to it. Again, these are just some notes and certainly not an all-inclusive list. Enjoy!

General Notes
- Watch fuel/supply consumption rates each turn and adjust the slider accordingly in anticipation of future operations; ie, major maneuvers or battles. Don't let your fuel reserves drop to zero or else you cannot move or resupply your units!
- Watch for unit arrivals/withdrawals each turn and anticipate how to get them to the front or how to plug their positions when they leave. Also, don't waste too many replacements or combat supply on units about to be withdrawn, but do consider using them to maximum advantage for one last attack or one last defensive stand.
- Check your supply map each turn to verify supply paths and supply levels. Fuel consumption significantly increases when less than 40% and again when less than 15%, combat supply requires at least 25%, and bad weather adversely affects your supply levels. Also, use the supply map for intel to identify enemy advances and possible outflanking maneuvers.
- Scrutinize your units' troop quality and use your elite green/yellow units whenever possible; try also to keep their combat supply high. Red/black units with red/black supply are vulnerable.

Allied Notes
- Use airpower to your advantage by setting unit priorities to support key battles, but remember to readjust priorities so ground support is going to where you want/need it.
- Watch your port workers to ensure enough are assigned to build up port supply capacities, but also are available as needed to support invasions and open new ports. If a port is at risk, it is better to withdraw your port workers than to lose them.
- Watch supply levels in central Italy during winter turns to ensure units are not gaining fatigue and losing strength. It is better to withdraw than to risk taking casualties unnecessarily.
- Use maneuver whenever possible to outflank and isolate enemy positions, rather than launch weak assaults. Take some time to build up combat supply of assault units for maximum effectiveness; make each battle count.

German Notes
- Early retrograd operations in southern Italy south of Naples are very difficult. Individual unit defenders risk being outflanked, isolated and destroyed. Better to form defensive lines with several mutually supporting units that can withdraw gracefully.
- Try to build a fort point each turn and use forts to help compensate for low combat supply.
- Note that Germans get a one-time allotment of 300 fuel on Turn 10; do not confuse this with being normal. Also note that loss of Rome means a significant 1/3 loss of capacity; therefore, prioritize your defensive lines accordingly to hold Cassino, etc., to delay Allies capturing Rome for as long as possible.
- Plan ahead carefully for where you want your units to fall back to and defend, basically to avoid unnecessary back-and-forth movements that waste fuel; you will need it later.

GBS -> RE: Some player notes (2/26/2014 1:05:21 PM)

This is very helpful.

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