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HTG -> Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/23/2014 5:33:02 PM)


I did play the RotS quite some time and only recently upgraded to Shadows.

I have one problem I seem not to be able to resolve: I usually build ships and stations manually, and therefore I have the Construction Ships set to manually and the various policies set to "Suggest". But still on my Colony I get additional Defense Bases and research Stations in the build queue of the Colony without any action from myself. Even if I remove those entries from the build queue, the entries appear again after loading the a save game or after some time. How can I get rid of this annoying behaviour?

One other question: I bought the Diastant Worlds and Return of the Shakturri in Germany with German texts, but now I have Legends and Shadows with English texts, which results in the game having a mix of German and English texts. Is there some way to resolve this? To have the complete game in english would be preferable (German texts sometimes are too long for the in-game-dialogs), but where can I get the English texts to the first two parts?

Thanks for any help.

HTG -> Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/23/2014 5:37:38 PM)

forgot to mention one thing concerning the problem with automated building of stations: In the empire policies I want to have all the designs automatically updated when the research of some new invention has finished. How can I get it without having any stations build automatically?

Bingeling -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/23/2014 5:58:35 PM)

It shouldn't build defensive bases (automatically) if you have ship and base building on suggest. Check your settings once more in the empire policy window.

HTG -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/23/2014 6:59:38 PM)

Ok, that's what I want, but I don't get it so far. As you suggested I rechecked, but I the only two things which I left on "automatic" are "Tax Rates" and "Ship Designs".
The game has done 3 things: upgarde my Star Port from medium to large, added an addition defense base to the Colony build queue and added an new research station to my colony build queue. It is very annoying because of that I have a money problem, now.
Could it be caused by the fact that I have the German versions of "Distand Worlds" and RotS?

I saved my policies and here is it - can you see where my settings are wrong?:

'Distant Worlds - Empire Policy -

ImmediatelyRecruitNewTroopsWhenColonize ;N
ColonyAllowFacilityCloningFacility ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityFortifiedBunker ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityGiantIonCannon ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityPlanetaryShield ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityRegionalCapital ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityRoboticTroopFoundry ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityTerraformingFacility ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityTroopTrainingCenter ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityArmoredFactory ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilitySpyAcademy ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityScienceAcademy ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityNavalAcademy ;Y
ColonyAllowFacilityMilitaryAcademy ;Y
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdCloningFacility ;500
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdFortifiedBunker ;500
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdGiantIonCannon ;5000
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdPlanetaryShield ;2000
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdRegionalCapital ;5000
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdRoboticTroopFoundry ;500
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdTerraformingFacility ;500
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdTroopTrainingCenter ;500
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdArmoredFactory ;500
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdSpyAcademy ;2000
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdScienceAcademy ;5000
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdNavalAcademy ;5000
ColonyFacilityPopulationThresholdMilitaryAcademy ;2000
ColonyPopulationThresholdTroopRecruitment ;0
ColonyTaxRateIncreaseWhenAtWar ;Y
ColonyTaxRateLargeColony ;3
ColonyTaxRateMediumColony ;2
ColonyTaxRateSmallColony ;0
MilitaryConstructionLevel ;1
ConstructionMilitaryCapitalShip ;7
ConstructionMilitaryCarrier ;8
ConstructionMilitaryCruiser ;15
ConstructionMilitaryDestroyer ;20
ConstructionMilitaryEscort ;18
ConstructionMilitaryFrigate ;24
ConstructionMilitaryTroopTransport ;8
ConstructionSpaceportLargeColonyPopulationThreshold ;10000
ConstructionSpaceportMediumColonyPopulationThreshold ;2000
ConstructionSpaceportSmallColonyPopulationThreshold ;30
ConstructionSpaceportMinimumDistance ;700
DiplomacySendGiftsUpToAmount ;20000
DiplomacyTradeSanctionsUseBlockades ;Y
FleetMilitaryProportionForFleets ;70
FleetStrikeForceTypicalSize ;4
FleetTypicalSize ;15
IntelligenceAllowMissionDeepCover ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionInciteRevolution ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionSabotageColony ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionSabotageConstruction ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionStealGalaxyMap ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionStealOperationsMap ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionStealTechData ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionStealTerritoryMap ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionAssassinateCharacter ;Y
IntelligenceAllowMissionDestroyBase ;Y
IntelligenceCounterIntelligenceProportion ;30
IntelligenceUseEspionageAgainstEmpireWhen ;2
IntelligenceUseSabotageAgainstEmpireWhen ;1
ResearchDesignAutoRetrofit ;Y
ResearchDesignOverallFocus ;0
ResearchDesignTechFocus1 ;9
ResearchDesignTechFocus2 ;6
ResearchDesignTechFocus3 ;1
ResearchDesignTechFocus4 ;0
ResearchDesignTechFocus5 ;0
ResearchDesignTechFocus6 ;0
ResearchDesignAutoUpgradeFighters ;Y
WarAttacksAllowColonyBombardment ;2
WarAttacksAllowPlanetDestroying ;2
WarAttacksHarassEnemies ;Y
TradeWithOtherEmpires ;Y
EngageInTourism ;Y
NewColonyPopulationPolicyYourRaceFamily ;0
NewColonyPopulationPolicyAllRaces ;0
ImplementEnslavementWithPenalColonies ;N
HomeworldDefensePriority ;1
ProtectLeaderAtAllCosts ;N
PrioritizeBuildWonderId ;0
ColonizeContinentalPriority ;2
ColonizeMarshySwampPriority ;1
ColonizeOceanPriority ;1
ColonizeDesertPriority ;1
ColonizeIcePriority ;1
ColonizeVolcanicPriority ;1
ColonizeRuinsPriority ;1
ControlRestrictedResourcesPriority ;1
ResearchIndustryFocus ;0
ResearchPriority ;1
TradePriority ;2
AlliancePriority ;2
SubjugationPriority ;1
TourismPriority ;2
ExplorationPriority ;1
WarWillingness ;1
BreakTreatyWillingness ;1
InvasionOverkillFactor ;1
ShipBattleCautionFactor ;1
DefaultMilitaryFleeWhen ;4
DesignUpgradeEscort ;Y
DesignUpgradeFrigate ;Y
DesignUpgradeDestroyer ;Y
DesignUpgradeCruiser ;Y
DesignUpgradeCapitalShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeTroopTransport ;Y
DesignUpgradeCarrier ;Y
DesignUpgradeResupplyShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeExplorationShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeColonyShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeConstructionShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeSmallSpacePort ;Y
DesignUpgradeMediumSpacePort ;Y
DesignUpgradeLargeSpacePort ;Y
DesignUpgradeResortBase ;Y
DesignUpgradeGenericBase ;Y
DesignUpgradeEnergyResearchStation ;Y
DesignUpgradeWeaponsResearchStation ;Y
DesignUpgradeHighTechResearchStation ;Y
DesignUpgradeMonitoringStation ;Y
DesignUpgradeDefensiveBase ;Y
DesignUpgradeSmallFreighter ;Y
DesignUpgradeMediumFreighter ;Y
DesignUpgradeLargeFreighter ;Y
DesignUpgradePassengerShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeGasMiningShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeMiningShip ;Y
DesignUpgradeGasMiningStation ;Y
DesignUpgradeMiningStation ;Y
CaptureTargetConditionShip ;1
CaptureTargetConditionBase ;1
OfferPirateAttackMissions ;2
BidOnPirateAttackMissions ;N
BidOnPirateDefendMissions ;N
OfferDefensivePirateMissions ;2
OfferDefensivePirateMissionsSituation ;2
AcceptPirateSmugglingMissions ;N
OfferSmugglingPirateMissions ;2
PirateSmugglerFreighterLevel ;1
PirateSmugglerMiningLevel ;1
PirateSmugglerPassengerLevel ;1
CaptureEnlistMilitaryShip ;0
CaptureDisassembleMilitaryShip ;1
CaptureEnlistCivilianShip ;2
CaptureDisassembleCivilianShip ;1
CaptureEnlistBase ;0
UpgradeEnlistedMilitaryShips ;Y
UpgradeEnlistedCivilianShips ;Y
TroopRecruitInfantryLevel ;1
TroopRecruitArmorLevel ;1
TroopRecruitArtilleryLevel ;1
TroopRecruitSpecialForcesLevel ;1
TroopUseDefaultTransportLoadout ;Y
TroopDefaultTransportLoadoutInfantry ;0.25
TroopDefaultTransportLoadoutArmor ;0.5
TroopDefaultTransportLoadoutArtillery ;0
TroopDefaultTransportLoadoutSpecialForces ;0.25
TroopGarrisonMinimumPerColony ;0
TroopGarrisonLevel ;1
UseExplorationShipsToScoutEnemySystems ;Y

VorteeX -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/23/2014 7:49:54 PM)

patch game to 1.9.13 it fix many issues.

Second, auto build setting is in options where youu set sound volume, graphics etc. Look there.

HTG -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/23/2014 8:37:04 PM)

It is on, don't ask me why there is in the save file of the policy. Auto-updater downloaded and installed "DistantWorldsShadows-Update19013.exe" and when I try to update now, I get the message that the game is up to date.
Could it be that something went wrong during update? I didn't get a hint about something going wrong when I updated.

Ardilus -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/24/2014 12:21:34 AM)


I am not convinced this is an update issue. My version also shows policy files, but I do not share your problem, and have not had this issue in previous versions either.

HTG -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (2/24/2014 2:36:41 AM)

Ok, in RotS I didn't experience this problem, only after updating to Shadows on Friday. Maybe it is related to "Construction" section in the policy, I'll investigate.

HTG -> RE: Did I overlook something or is it a bug? (3/1/2014 11:41:43 AM)

Ok, I did start new games and experienced the same Problem again. It seems that it is connected to the Construction-section in the Empire Policy, because I think it is related to the population of the planet crossing the defined amount where an upgrade to medium or large spaceport is defined. (ConstructionSpaceportLargeColonyPopulationThreshold and ConstructionSpaceportMediumColonyPopulationThreshold ) Even if I have Construction on "suggest" it seems that when crossing the population threshold, It does not ask but simply add the construction the planets construction queue. But why it does add an additional defense base I was not able to guess so far.

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