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Mgellis -> [DONE] Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/16/2014 12:31:28 PM)

A new scenario...a simple one, but I think it turned out pretty challenging...guide a Japanese submarine through North Korean waters on a patrol. Try not to trigger an international incident.

Enjoy. Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

Bazza042 -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/17/2014 7:45:35 AM)

More than a little difficult.

In four starts I have only managed to get past the first 'target' area once, and even that evoked 140 odd 'unfriendly' contacts. I am assuming that the Japanese airfield being bombed is a none too subtle hint that I may have been spotted......

++++++++++++++POSSIBLE SPOILER++++++++++++++

Although early days, I am not sure whether the briefing is beautifully precise or ambiguous. There is an instruction, albeit qualified, that you should proceed at periscope depth to the Wosan patrol area but the continuation to the Kalma patrol area contains no such requirement, so I am taking the briefing as being precise. This seems to be confirmed by the fact that even the most direct route is about 313 miles which relates to about 7 knots average speed which, at periscope depth, is pretty much sure to be spotted, not least by those eagle eyed trawler men!

However it is early days as yet.

So far an extremely enjoyable scenario even if from a masochistic viewpoint [:)]

Thanks for the challenge.

Mgellis -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/17/2014 12:21:56 PM)

Actually, I did mean the sub to go back to periscope depth at the second survey area. I'll have to fix that in the orders file. However, you ARE free to duck down whenever it looks like you might be spotted or shot at--hence the instruction that you are free to go deep if you need to avoid detection.

In testing, I was able to win, although I was never able to do it without the retaliatory strike on the airbase...if I've set things up right, you only get a Triumph if you can achieve both of those victory conditions--i.e., complete the mission without being spotted AND identified as Japanese.

Mgellis -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/17/2014 12:28:58 PM)

Revised orders now include these changes...


1. Move to periscope depth and proceed to the patrol area northeast of Wonsan marked on your tactical map. Gather information on activity in and near these waters until the intelligence officer aboard your submarine informs you that you have completed your survey.

2. Proceed to the patrol area southeast of Kalma marked on your tactical map. Once at the second patrol area, return to periscope depth. Gather information on activities in and near these waters until the intellignece officer aboard your submarine informs you that you have completed your survey.

3. Proceed to the rendevous point in international waters marked on your tactical map.


If feasible, gather information about North Korean coastal installations and North Korean vessels operating in your patrol area.

Avoid detection. Your mission will take you inside North Korean territorial waters. The North Koreans are unlikely to react well if you are discovered. They are making the usual threats about "dire consequences" to any nation that violates their territorial waters.

You may descend below periscope depth during your transit to the two survey areas and once you are on your way to the rendevous point. You may briefly descend below periscope depth in the survey areas if it will allow you avoid detection.

Be aware that even neutral commercial vessels in North Korean waters are likely to report your position to the North Korean Navy if they spot you.

Do not abandon your mission unless you believe you are in danger of destruction.

Do not under any circumstances initiate hostilities with North Korean forces. You may return fire if and only if you are under attack.

Bazza042 -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/18/2014 5:39:06 AM)

I got a 'Major Victory' (200 points), on the 7th attempt, even though time ran out on me before I had completed the ex-fil,
although it looks, based on your post, as though I may not have been penalised for this.

I had completed the two 'surveys' OK, although the airfield got blasted, so it looks as though the scoring is right although
I'm a bit doubtful about the triggering of the missile launch (see below)

This was a bit odd. The missiles rained down just before I had reached the first 'survey' area although it didn't feel like
I had been discovered as no attacks were made even though I had remained at periscope depth throughout. And there were plenty of
aircraft in the air [:'(]. After exiting the first survey area, I then moved to the second one without serious harassment which
again made me feel that I probably hadn't been spotted.

Are your new instructions OK, however?

The wording implies that you should start the scenario at periscope depth and remain there, subject to not endangering the sub, until you have completed the first survey task.

I'm a bit doubtful of the viability of this, however, unless the time is extended. But I didn't exceed seven knots at periscope depth, and more normally four in daylight, so it may be that
I am too conservative.

Paradoxically my most 'successful' attempt was the eighth although I got nailed on the exfil. I was trying to complete the scenario in the time available.

In this I ran up to the 'border' submerged at maximum depth using cruise speed and then went to periscope depth/creep there, as I had exhausted my
batteries in any case. I carefully manouevered through the fishing fleet and completed the first survey, then made a submerged run,
during the remains of daylight toward survey location 2. At this point I came up to periscope depth, completed the second survey and
then fled after about 30 minutes at creep, towards the ex-fil at cruise speed and promptly got nailed (which was fair enough).
But even then I was only barely going to make the ex-fil area before the time ran out, but then that may not actually matter.

A most interesting scenario, however and infinitely replayable.

Nice job.

goodwoodrw -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/18/2014 12:52:40 PM)

G'day just finished this scenario with a 240 point major victory, what is the maximum number of points?

Meroka37 -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/18/2014 1:18:06 PM)

No luck in first try, Oyashio sunk after leaving first patrol area...

Primarchx -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/18/2014 2:20:27 PM)

Major Victory. Mostly at periscope depth, though the occasional dive to avoid detection by air or surface contacts.

Mgellis -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/19/2014 12:03:57 AM)



G'day just finished this scenario with a 240 point major victory, what is the maximum number of points?

300. The threshold for a Triumph is 275. In theory, you should only get a Triumph if you complete the mission without somehow triggering the missile launches against the Japanese airfield (or if you are discovered just as you get to the rendezvous point). If I've set it up right, Japan is actually just "unfriendly" as far as North Korea is concerned until you are discovered within a North Korean exclusion zone, at which point, Japan becomes "hostile" and the missiles, assigned to a Strike mission, get launched.

Andy99 -> RE: Oyashio on Patrol (2014)--New scenario for testing (1/19/2014 7:43:45 PM)

Nice scenario Mark, I finished it with Triumph (290 points).

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