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ComJak -> How to mod ship sprite sizes (1/10/2014 4:50:53 AM)


I'm trying to make ships different sizes in terms of their onscreen graphics. Naturally I went into the ship folders and enalarged the image in photoshop. However, when I build them ingame, they turn out smaller than before.

Is there some system I need to follow to make larger and smaller ships?



*edit: Ok. So after further testing, I figured out that the actual size of the components of the ship makes the difference. So is there any way to ensure that, for example, frigates are smaller than capital ships by default?

JCVocke -> RE: How to mod ship sprite sizes (1/10/2014 6:06:03 PM)

When you are editing the ship image, don't enlarge the actual graphic of the ship, just add more blank space around it. That way when it is used in game the actual ship part of the image will be smaller.

ComJak -> RE: How to mod ship sprite sizes (1/10/2014 6:45:58 PM)

Ah okay. That was my next plan. So it appears you can only shrink ships then I guess?


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